The Deadliest Bouquet

Written by Erica Shultz
Art by Carola Borelli
Colors Gab Contreras, Tom Chu, Chefel Peterson, James PeƱafiel
Letters by Erica Shultz
Published by Vices Press.

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Clean and consise.

I'm halfway through, and so far this story's pretty good. Not blowing my socks off, but readable. It's very talky, basically the story of three sisters (Rose, Poppy, Violet) who come together to solve the mysterious murder of their mother (Jasmine), who operated a flower shop. One of the sisters, Rose, worked with mother Jasmine just earlier that day on Valentine's day, the busiest time of the year. She was found in a pool of blood on the floor.

A Different Approach.

When the sisters get together there's a lot of squabbling and in-fighting. Violet's the hot-head blonde. Rose is the thoughtful brainy one. Poppy is the married Mother of two. They re-hash old memories. The Deadliest Bouquet interweaves some hints at Mother's past hunting Nazis (the murder weapon is a rare German pistol from that era).

The artwork is stellar. Very clean. I'm always fascinated at how women artists approach sequential art, particularly with youthful attractive female characters as opposed to male artists. Lots more emphasis on poses and clothes, the bodies are rendered as fully in charge of their environment. Men of course focus on the 'giggle' factor, T/A, lips, eyes, etc. But with Carola Borelli you see how the female form can be attractive and positive in a self-assured way, a much more possessive sense.

Bait and switch?

As this is going to be a two-parter review I'm holding back judgement somewhat. The Deadliest Bouquet's pitched as a murder mystery hinging on action/adventure. 40 pages in there's not much action aside from a page and a half bar fight and some hints in flash backs of Mother Jasmine's history with the French Resistance in WWII (the story's set in the 1990s to make the timeline work).

Looking at this in contrast to what the Kickstarter campaign was implying I'm not really seeing action/adventure here. More like Soap Opera. That's not necessarily a bad thing. TDB is interesting as Soap, but it's not action/adventure -at least not so far.

Next Tuesday:

We'll see next week if the pace picks up in part two of this review.

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