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The Death of Fa La-may

I’ve been looking for ways to explain what I’m doing with the Second Act of my world. The Second Act is where I destroy everything. I crush everything that I’ve built. It’s a collection of 33 books that break into six series and tell of the rise of four different armies that, in their clashing, break the world. You may or may not know that the magic of my world comes from an underground pool of blood. It works kind of like a water table. That blood is the blood of the gods, and by the end of the world’s destruction that blood will be on fire. All vegetation dies when the goddess of nature is destroyed. So many places are left in ruin, entire continents. Just a fun time for all. The Third Act of my world will be post-apocalyptic. My scope and vision are huge. And as it sits, it’ll be a stretch to get it done. Writing something like this, you know on the other end of it you aren’t going to be the same. I often try to picture what my life will be like when all this is over.

The whole Second Act starts with a party. A major crime boss, and by major I mean an international crime boss, is dying a wasting death after having been poisoned five years earlier. His name is Fa La-may and he throws a party. The party he titles The Death of Fa La-may. He invites all his friends and all his enemies to come and watch his final days, and frantically searches within them for the antidote to the poison that’s killing him. It spans over four books and four series, and it really is almost impossible to explain the mad plan. I have been trying to make people see what I’m doing and it just never works. I give diagrams, and only a few times have I truly been able to explain exactly what I’m doing.

So try to imagine that. You’re working on a piece that’s nearly impossible. You’re looking for any kind of encouragement you can get, but as you try to capture what you’re doing in words, it’s just too complicated for anybody to absorb. So I got the idea that on my show on YouTube, called Voices from an Unreal World, I would do my best in a series of three different videos to truly illustrate to you what is happening in my mind and in what I’m writing currently. There’s a series of three videos. Two of them are out right now, the third one coming next week. I’m gonna link both of them below. And in these videos, I read chapters from this party and illustrate to you, in the best way that I know how, what is really happening in the Second Act, and what I’m really working on currently. Because in the end, I’m often too scattered to explain what’s going on in my head, but I can always capture my thoughts in story. So with these three videos I will give you a story, and you can see a true glimpse of what I’m doing and what to expect in the future.

You’re all invited to The Death of Fa La-may, a party of intrigue and murder, where the roots of my world’s destruction are being laid.

Vol 2: Normal Street

We are days from the release of the second volume of my autobiography, titled Reality of the Unreal Mind: Normal Street. I want to have it available by Tuesday, November 16. I hope you’ll all read it. It’s a story of pure love and the very definition of evil. A story where I barely escape death numerous times.

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

Download this free ebook available exclusively through my newsletter. This short story collection includes "The Banshee," "The Slave," "The Gilded Mares," "Son of the Demontser," and the most recent addition, "The Forge of Souls."




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