News & Information from Air Command International - Tuesday, March 13, 2018

First Gyroplane Flying Podcast now online

Today, we recorded our debut episode of Gyroplane Flying Podcast. The audio podcast offers an introduction from new company President Joe Covelli. The podcast will be a regular feature produced by Air Command that includes a variety of gyroplane topics and guests gyroplane enthusiasts and pilots will find informative.

Listen to the debut podcast.


New website launched

Since launching the new Air Command website last week, we have received early comments and many favorable reviews, to include how clean, crisp and easy it is to navigate.

We'll continue to develop the catalog with products, product descriptions and pricing. When completed, the catalog will be around 500 product listings.

We appreciate all the views we've received and contact for more information on the products we featured. 


Yes, it's time to go flying!

As winter looses its grip and daylight last longer, it's time to go flying again!

To help gyro pilots get ready, we introduced a special price of $50 for rotorhead inspections.

As you know, the rotorhead is one of the most important assemblies on the gyro. Our goal is to keep pilots flying safe. Ship us your rotorhead and one of our technicians will inspect it and provide a post-evaluation written report. With your approval, we'll replace any worn or damaged parts and return to you for installation. Contact us for details.

Let us know how we can assist you further, or answer any of your questions regarding our products or services.

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