Happy Friday, everyone! Can you believe it's almost September? You know what that means? Back to school! Which also means, time for new books! So, how about a new release from me? Are you excited? I sure am!

What's in this issue:

  1. IMMORTAL DEVOTION release! 
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  3. More Vampire Mates!


What Readers Are Saying!

"Pippa was one of those characters that you don’t come across often, she just spoke to me, she was a powerful woman who wakes in the weirdest circumstances. Then throw in some chemistry that is off the periodic table and you have a compelling story.Goodreads Review

"I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting because I just couldn't stop turning the pages..." —Goodreads Review

"Pippa is a strong woman I can get behind..." —BookBub Review


It’s an undead blood feud… 

And it’ll be the death of me.

We’ve all heard the stories about eternal creatures whose bite can condemn your ever-loving soul. Except, I know they’re more than just stories, even if no one believes me.

How do I know?

Hard to deny the truth when it runs through my veins. There’s nothing quite like learning about your vampiric heritage to make a girl question her very existence. 

I need answers—a need that’s led me clear across the world, and straight into his path. Kristian is everything I never wanted: dangerous, broody, and, oh yeah, a vampire. But my heart’s never been one to listen to reason. 

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding him, not when he’s the only one who can help me. The only one who can protect me against his mortal enemy. 

I never meant to get tangled up in an undead blood feud, but for Kristian, I’d do anything, even if it means risking both my heart and soul…


Kristian’s response was instantaneous. With a deep growl, he slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight against him. He tilted his head then, aligning our lips perfectly, and…fireworks. I gasped against his mouth, stunned by the sudden rush of desire pooling within me. I hadn’t lied to Kristian—I wasn’t a virgin, but I’d never felt anything like this.

A woman measured a man by the way he kissed. The weight of his lips, the pressure of his tongue, but most importantly, the way he made her feel. For me, every kiss prior to this one fell to the wayside, their lasting memories washed away by the feel of Kristian’s mouth against mine. His touch lit me up in ways I’d never expected. It felt deeper than a simple kiss. Almost like my whole world had been righted after being flipped on its side. As though my entire existence had been leading up to this moment.

Kristian broke from the kiss long enough to lean back and stare down at me. He brushed my hair back from my face and blew out a soft breath. “Jesus.”

I nodded. I understood completely and was currently thanking God Kristian had felt something similar. It might have killed me if he hadn’t.



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Did you know Immortal Devotion is part of a whole project? Midnight Coven: Vampire Mates has thirteen standalone romances that you can devour! So if Pippa and Kristian just aren't enough for you, dive into the rest of the books. Hope you enjoy!

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