18 April 2021

In the past weeks, we have learnt about the functions of a door and how our Lord Jesus perform and exceed those functions e.g., granting access, shutting out intruders, protection from harsh environmental (worldly) conditions, letting in God’s blessing and in letting in God’s fullness into our lives.

Today, our attention is on the fullness of God ushered in through Christ (the door). Fullness implies a state of being filled. John 1:16 says, “and of his fullness have all we received (accessed), and grace for grace”. i.e., grace in place of grace already given. It means in Christ, we become filled to the brim and refilled again, lacking nothing. It implies absoluteness, completeness, entireness, entirety, perfectness, wholeness. This simply means in Christ you are complete, perfect, whole, holy. It may not seem so in the physical, but remember God (the manufacturer) create you, so He is in the best position to confirm the properties of His product (you). So, the word says God has loaded you up. The question is with what? Warning, this article cannot contain all of God’s fullness and endowment in you but let’s make a start.

Our theme scriptures give us some clue. Jhn 14:6 implies that, by having Christ we become filled with truth and imparted with the life of God (Zoe). That means truth is encoded in our spirit man and we will never die eternally, Hallelujah! Jhn 10:9 suggest our store house becomes filled with pasture (provision) and we become saved. 2Pet 1:3 reveal our divine/physical life and godliness in God; Eze 36:26 say a new heart is implanted, Ps 45:7 suggest filing with oil of joy; 1Cor 12 highlights impartation of the gifts of the Spirit; Gal 5 narrate the lavishing of the gift of the Spirit, Ps 103 hint us about being loaded with benefits. I forewarned that this list can not be exhausted.

What should we then do with this knowledge? Friend, God wants a response. He wants proximity, fellowship, intimacy which determines his increased measure in us. So, remember that the riches and fullness of God is in you and that it will be increased from glory to glory, grace upon grace when you draw near.

Nimi Dan-Jumbo

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8: 2Sam 13-15

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24: 2Ki 9-11

25: 2Ki 12-14

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