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A Bookish Feast for YOU!

How are you doing this fine Wednesday morning? Week going well? I hope so. This email is ALL ABOUT YOU! Because we're all about showing our READERS ALL THE LOVE.

Super quick update on my week. 

I visited my close friend and author Gwynn White for a writing day! Very fun :) . On arriving home I discovered I had missed three deliveries. (More Bookboxes! YAY!) I'm working hard to get some more unboxing videos up for you. 

My Dad will be having what we hope is his final operation about the time you're reading this. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support. Any positive thoughts, vibes or prayers would be very much appreciated.

So what will you find in this newsletter?

  • A note from Sarah's Writing Desk with a cool "thing" for you
  • On the blog - October's BIG New Reads. HERE
  • On the blog - Bookbub for Audio Books! HERE
  • Little known Voldemort Fact - Scroll down!

Until Next Time,  Much Love and Read Strong!

From Sarah's Desk

You guys are going to LOVE this. I'm interviewing other authors - your favorite indies! - in my Discord every Friday. And you get to ask questions, too!
Tune in to the details on my blog and join the fun!

Introducing Bookbub for Audiobooks!

Bookbub now has a new business JUST for Audiobooks. With their deals you can snag  up to a 95% discount on Audiobooks.  It's free to sign up! Read more on my BLOG HERE.

Octobers Big Reads

There has been a flurry of New Releases it seems. I've made a quick list to help make sure you don't miss any of these Highly Anticipated Reads that just dropped. It's on the blog HERE

Interesting Voldemort Fact

Did you know that Voldemort's robs faded in the movies each time a horcrux was destroyed? #FunFact - Do you have a fun bookish fact you'd like me to share on the newsletter? I'd love you hear it! Hit reply and let me know :) 

Bonus Fact - I had to check the spelling of Vordemort...

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