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Daily Happiness Journal #64
June 23rd 2020

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  • Food for thought: Stuck
  • Picture of the day: Old Door
  • Daily Funny: Baby Leave
  • Daily Happiness: Kitty snoozing
  • Daily Quote by Snoopy
  • Quote from Space Witches 1 / The Book of Witches

    I hope this little email (posted Monday-Friday) will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Food for Thought


    “Even if you are what your parents made you, if you stay that way, it’s your own darn fault. We’re not going to undo the past. Let’s focus on making the necessary changes to improve your functioning.”

    - Abraham J. Twerski

    I have begun to pay attention how people are stuck in their ways of thinking. This has become apparent when I have been with people I know well, and together we meet someone they don't know that well yet. When a certain subject comes up in discussion, these people repeat the same negative story of it over and over and over again. 

    "They came to visit our summer cottage and brought nothing with them and expected us to feed them!" (ok... and that's all they ever did in their entire life?)

    "When our baby was born, I lost my whole lifestyle. He could go anywhere and we lived by his calendar, and I no longer had any time of my own!" (Aha, and now the child is grown up and this is all you remember of your child's childhood? No joys in it?)

    "Oh him? All he ever does is..."

    I'm sure we all do this to some extent. But maybe it would be a good exercise to stop before we talk of a familiar subject and pay attention what we are about to say. Are we repeating the same old sentences over and over? Does this mean we are not even trying to find another angle to the person / issue? Are we perhaps keeping up a vicious circle of negative thinking without even realising we are doing so? Or worse - are we doing it on purpose, not wanting to let go of a perceived wrong.

    Next time you notice you are again about to say something negative you have always said about the subject, why don't you NOT say it. Just don't. Pay attention how NOT saying it makes you feel. Does it make you feel... empty? Insecure? Do you perhaps enjoy the empathy you fish from people with your negative "poor-me" story? Are you in a "victim mode"? Why have you chosen that role for yourself?

    Interesting exercise to say the least... 

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal / Old Door

    I took this photo in the Unesco heritage site of Rauma, an old town in Finland. A beautiful old door in a beautiful old house.

    Happiness Journal / Old Door-products
    Daily Funny
    Baby leave

    "Soldier! You got two weeks leave based on a difficult delivery by your wife. Now you request a leave for the same reason. How is this possible?"

    "She is a midwife."

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    (I especially love the funny things children say!). 

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    Today's Happiness

    Morning walk

    Like so many other people these days I work remotely. Now summer is here in Finland and we are enjoying a rather unfamiliar kind of warm sunny weather. So this morning before work I went for a walk. I took this photo in the forest that begins at our front door. Here used to be a field in the 60's, but it has now more or less overgrown. This little patch of a field is left, and a well-trodden path leads through it. It is a pleasure to walk here with the green trees, birdsong and sunshine. 

    What made you happy today? Send a note and tell, if you wish to share your little happy moment with others.

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    Daily Quote

    "How can you do push-ups when your nose gets in the way?"

    - Snoopy

    Quote from Space Witches 1 / The Book of Witches

    “Oh, George… what a bad boy he was when he was alive,” Matthew raised his head from a book he was reading. “Don't know where to begin telling you the awful stuff he was involved in… he was knocking right at the gates of hell, when he was given a last chance to make good.”

    “There really is a hell?” I swallowed, and not coffee this time. Dang. Why had I not attended church as my mother wanted me to…

    “Well, sort of. After all we are not in heaven yet. Or in the heart of hell either. We're all in the same boat together, here in the Waiting Level. And so George was there in the lowest part of the Waiting Level with others of his kind. Now, the amusing thing is, that each bad deed they have ever done that has caused fear, sorrow or depression in others seems to take the form of a gnat of some sort that will not leave them alone for a second. That explains the fauna crawling on his body, d'you see? There might be some flora as well, as dear George here seems to have accumulated quite a bit of dust, mold and not a little dirt in his previous existence. And the horns… well, the bad guys don't get them when they're alive, of course, but if you have killed someone on purpose, they grow on you here. The more people that have been killed, the bigger the horns - some have real antlers. There's no point trying to cut them off. They just grow back. Still, even the bad guys and dolls have a chance, if an angel should decide to work with them to clean the dirt off their soul and body. And Anthony here has a good heart and frequents those dirtier levels in search of souls who might still have a chance… I have no idea what he sees in George, but maybe he can help him get rid of a few spiders and ticks so that he can enter a lighter level of hell.”

    “Thank you, Matthew,” the old angel said. “I am glad you realise that George has potential. And surely he has it in him to reach even higher levels than hell. One day I am sure we will see his horns vanish.”

    If George had had a tail, he would have wagged it.

    “A shower every now and then wouldn’t exactly hinder the process,” Mia commented.

    George grinned. There was a definite… odor about him for sure.

    - Leena Maria / Space Witches 1 / The Book of Witches / Chapter 3: Horns. Gnats and Gates of Hell

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