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Share a Coffee

Good Wednesday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #24 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Vidya!

Vidya - @learnwithvidya

Vidya is a Data Scientist working for a startup that provides Data Science services to Businesses.

She's working on a project to build intelligent ChatBots for FIOBot with low-code technologies like Google’s Dialogflow. Their aim is to optimize the time to build and deploy a ChatBot that uses state-of-the-art AI technology and helps businesses automate things with smooth Conversational UX. 

Vidya has also worked on building a custom facial recognition model using libraries like OpenCV and Dlib. She's contributed to a few open-source projects like MonkAI and TextHero.

Recently, she came across Janel (creator of NewsletterOS) and Max (creator of purely through serendipity! They introduced her to the #NoCode world.

She recently started her #100DaysOfNoCode challenge and is working on her 2nd project called “Next Side Project”. She wants to make it easier for Data Science beginners or enthusiasts to find their next side project and inspiration to start one with their own ideas. If you’re a Data Enthusiast, do subscribe to get early access!

Vidya blogs regularly on Learn With Vidya and if you want quality content delivered to your inbox along with interesting book recommendations, websites that you’ve to look out for, app recommendations to increase your productivity, consider joining her growing community of curious learners by subscribing here.

If you’re a beginner to #NoCode or into Data, follow Vidya on Twitter (@learnwithvidya) so you can discuss what’s possible and how to bring these ideas to life! ❤

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Basak was nominated by Basak Anil (Issue #23)!

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