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Welcome to the first edition of Love Organics -Seasonal Newsletter

From Australian Organic
Welcome Autumn Changes - What's in season for May

The transitional months always remind us that the organic seasons are usually shorter than they are for conventionally grown product. We are still feeling the impact of the drought on a lot of growers so the season is later and the volumes are lower for a lot of producers.

Remembering that for most fruit crops it is a 12 month season as opposed to leafy veg which has a much shorter turn around. There is good supply of most vegetables, the recent rains were a gift and we are seeing the results enter the market. All of the winter staples are in full swing. Generally, a good time of year for vegetable supply with multiple regions producing. Enjoy your May & remember to eat all of your colours and keep yourself in tip top shape this Autumn.

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Recipes to inspire..

We wanted to share some fabulous family friendly recipes  

Breakfast with Ease

 Oats on the go - fast, easy and nutritious breakfast recipe for all the family.

Buckwheat Banana Cake

Shared by our beautiful friends at Organic Sisters.  Organic, and gluten free.

Zucchini Fritters

So veratile - you can have zucchini fritters for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So easy anyone in the family can make them.

Healthy Anzac Biscuits

What a great easy option to throw in kids lunchboxes or your own! Gluten & dairy free little treats from Theresa Cutter - Healthy Baking.

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