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A delicate subject ...

I love receiving your answers to my author questions and they really help me to shape the books I'm writing. But for this month's question, you may wish to look away if easily offended. So here it is ... What do you think about sex scenes in books? Are they offensive? Should they always come with a warning? Or don't they bother you? I have included 'naughty scenes' in a couple of my thrillers, and I'm interested to know what you think about finding sex scenes in the books that you read. As ever, I'll send a $10 Amazon voucher to one respondent selected at random.

How Great TV Can Give Writing Inspiration ...

This month's TV highlight has been a UK series called The Bay, which is set in a seaside town close to where I used to be a teacher. As a writer, I tend to watch TV to prompt ideas ... which is why I alternate between thrillers and sci-fi :-) It's quite a thrill watching a TV series set in a place you know well - I could even see the school I used to teach in between 1991-92 in some shots!

Going On Location For My Next Book ...

As a result of watching The Bay on TV, it's inspired me to base my next thriller in the same area - seeing as I know it so well! The murder scene will be set in a traditional UK holiday camp in 1984. My wife and I spent last Sunday scouting the area for locations, and I started work on the new book on Thursday - it's currently at 10k words.  Watch out for 'Left for Dead' ... coming soon :-)

And The First Results Are In ...

I've had some BRILLIANT responses from my new team of beta readers who have been working their way through 'So Many Lies' over the past couple of weeks. There are a lot of steps to getting a book ready for publication, so I'm very grateful to everybody who gave it a read and spotted all my first draft mistakes :-)

Have You Been Watching ...?

As a sci-fi author, it's almost a given that I like watching Star Trek. I thought the new 'Discovery' incarnation was a bit patchy in Season 1, but with Anson Mount joining the line-up for Season 2, there have been some excellent episodes recently. What do you think of the new series, hit or miss?

$10 Amazon Voucher Winner

Congratulations to this month's winner of the $10 Amazon gift voucher. Last month's author question was What makes you stop reading a book? and, as ever, your replies were excellent and thought-provoking. Thanks very much if you took the time and trouble to respond, I really appreciate it.

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