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Underground chamber with drop termination closure

The MUC 315E underground chamber offers a comprehensive fibre junction solution in the distribution points in FTTx networks. A drop termination closure is placed in the upper part of the chamber. The chamber is designed for micro duct systems up to ∅ 12 mm.


  • Lid for load of up to 12,5 t/m² (Optional accessory)
  • The chamber can be completed by DTC8 only when necessary needed
  • 4x duct holders in the lower part
  • Chamber base with 2 or 4 entries for cable protection tube Ø 110 mm (Optional accessory)
  • Maximum capacity 48 splices
  • Maximum capacity 8x SC adapters  and 48 splices or only 16 SC adapters


The chamber is intended to be used as distribution point in FTTx networks. The MUC 315E chamber can be buried without a box in the first phase of the installation, just for placing the duct or cable reserve, later on it can be completed by the holder and the closure if needed. The chamber is designed for installation in trench in a sandy ground.

Chamber description

1) Lockable lid with bolts for load class A15 (1,5 t/m²) for grass surfaces

2) Holder for DTC8

3) Drop termination closure DTC8

4) Special corrugated body of the shaft which transfers external stress into the soil rather than into the chamber structure

5) 4x micro duct holders

Lids for load-bearing class B125 (12,5 t/m²)

For paved surfaces, pedestrian zones and parking lots. Angular lids are used for the paved surface and ribbed lids for the asphalt surface.

Chamber base

Chamber can be extended at the bottom with two or four inputs. Unused inputs can be plugged. Further  holes can be drilled during the installation.

Technical specifications







Protection class


Open bottom or Chamber base straight,

Branching chamber

Inside Ø315, outside Ø400, height 580 mm,

height with base 720 mm

Polypropylene, stainless steel

Black, grey

IP68  according to ČSN EN 60529

8 kg

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COYOTE® DTC8 (Drop Termination Closure)

With MICOS TELCOM becoming a PART of the PLP group, we are proud to present you another of many PLP products:

The COYOTE DTC8 is the new largest member of the DTC (Drop Termination Closure) family. The COYOTE DTC8 provides the ultimate level of application flexibility for fiber drop distribution applications. The closure can be configured with a range of fiber organizer systems to support splice, distributed splitter and drop applications using traditional cable, blown fiber cable, pushable drop cable technology or microtube cable. Oganizers to support pre-connectorized drop applications as an alternative to more costly proprietary hardened drop cable systems are also available.

  • Flexible grommet sealing system supports a wide range of flat or round cable profiles
  • Factory installed sealing materials
  • Reenterable and reusable
  • Designed to GR-771 Generic Requirements for Fiber Splice Closures
  • Constructed with flame retardant UV stabilized material
  • Hinged collar system provides quick access. (No special tools required).
  • IP-68 Rated 


  • Size: 12" x 8.8" x 3.5" (305 x 225 x 90 mm)
  • Max Splice Capacity: 48
  • Max Adapter Capacity: See documents for adapter options
  • Grommet Quantity: 8 - See documents for grommet option

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ORSL EE High density cabinet

High-capacity stand distribution cabinet is designed for the installation of 19“ technology indoors. There is space for the placement of the optical interconnected patchcords reserve on the right side. The distribution cabinet is designed for the assembly of 19“ optical distribution panels and for the installation of active components only on rear 19“ rails.

  • Height 44U
  • Easy module system
  • Cable inputs from bottom or from top
  • Easy access to cables and fibers
  • Option to terminate all the types of cables and micro ducts
  • Horizontal and vertical organization of patchcords
  • Easy assembly
  • Possibility of right or left version
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ORS 1/300 with modules and splice trays

The ORS 1/300 optical distribution cabinet is designed for the placement of 1920 optical connectors indoors in the CENTRAL OFFICE. The distribution box allows to terminate and lead out any type of optical cables to the main optical node.

  • Capacity of 1920 optical connectors
  • Two separate sections, 20 modules each
  • Module construction (48 optical connectors)
  • Module for placement of splice trays/patchcord reserves
  • Easy accessible – double rotating system (frame/module)
  • Connector pannel for E2000 or SC
  • Placement up to 5 m of optical fiber
  • Simple module system
  • Easy manipulation with connecting patchcords
  • Frame locking in the open position
  • Recommended patchcord diameter 1.8 mm



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