February 2020 Newsletter

10 Toxic Ingredients that may be in your Makeup.

Our skin absorbs most anything you put on it.  If you don't put it in, you don't have to pull it out. You are going to love this article.  I learned so much. Note: I have no financial connection to any products that may be sold on this website.


EarthTides Creates Negative Ionization...only!

and here is what it does.
1. Boosts and Revives Cell Function
2. Reinforces Collagen
3. Purifies the Blood
4. Boosts the Immune System                                                                                      5. Shifts the Autonomic Nervous System
(Enjoy all that EarthTides does.  Click this link to read more.)


How often should I do the body detox for starters?
Everyday for the first two to three weeks.  Arms one day and  feet the next day.  If you don't want to lease them your unit,   tell them that they can lease one  for $75/week with a two week minimum.  Have them call me.

(Click this link to read more)                                    


Recent Experience
EarthTides, gum infection, and these stainless steel probes...                           (read more by clicking this link)



EarthTides | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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