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Dear Reader,

Where can we build our home? Where can we allow ourselves to rest? To let our guards down? 

We answer with Moses in Psalm 90: "Lord, through all the generations you have been our home!" 

     To walk in God:  to be surrounded by Him and have Him as close as your heart, and to recognize him as a friend on your walk.  Is this what Moses means when he says that God is his home? To tabernacle with him--where He moves, you move, and where you move, He moves? Perhaps it means much more, but this is a start. 

      Two simple practices, suggested by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way, have helped me recognize God more as a friend on the journey. Have a look to see if you could incorporate these into your life.

          Once a week, you make intentional time to do something special with the Artist Within--both with yourself as an artist and with the Great Creator. Anything that would help you enjoy, delight, and relish creativity--yours and God's. For me it looked like walking a trail to this expansive view and feeling small but loved by the One who stretches out the Heavens.

            Every morning, you simply write by hand what comes to mind for three pages, not stopping to edit or read your work. It often clears away junk thoughts and gets you grounded for the day. It can turn quickly to prayer journaling or problem solving if you that's where you want to go.  To simply sit with your thoughts and let God into the moment is transformational when done consistently. 

             To make our home with God is simply living with Him, allowing Him in to settle down deep and move the furniture of our heart if He needs to. I find these practices are just another way to invite Him into my regular everyday week, and to let Him know I want to be with Him. 

             For your reading enjoyment, I wrote a piece for Well Christian Woman on making our home with God. You can check it out here

               I want to thank you, my most loyal readers with an early Christmas gift. Five years ago,  my short story "Twice, for Good Measure" was published in an anthology called Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon. The publishing rights to the story reverted back to me, so I decided to make an e-book of it to give to you. Many of you have been with me through these eventful five years, and I am eternally grateful for your support to me personally and to my growth as a writer.

        You can view your copy of the book here

         Til next time, keep on enjoying the simple things. 

        In word and in life,
        In word and in life,
        Laura Aliese Miedema

        20 Willow Street, Truro
        Nova Scotia B2N 4Z4 Canada

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