Contests, Prizes, and Books, oh my.

Warm up that typewriter- brand new, we present the Dreamkeepers Fanfiction contest!  Entries will be collected into a printed anthology, with the winners scoring a free signed edition.  Word count limit, deadlines, and details here.

We'll need your help to determine the winners!  Charming characters, mind-blowing concepts, and ironic plot twists shall await your judgement.  Devour the entries in the Deviantart group as they appear, and stay tuned for the secret voting link to go live over Thanksgiving weekend.

But before all that, the 14th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart contest is rushing ravenously towards us!  Rules here.


To get the blood flowing, enjoy a 13-year graveyard of contestants.


EVERY entrant wins a Trick-or-Treat Mystery Sticker (design still secret.)

Runners-up winners also receive the unreleased ultra-rare Dreamkeepers Chapter 13 52-page comic.

Grand Prize winners also receive a Ruthless Expansion deck for the Dreamkeepers tabletop game, Skirmish.

And the Grand Prize winner of the 'Best Art' category will also ALSO win two premium all-metal KakapopoTCG spindown D20s. (Both might be gold, not sure if we have Bronze left.)

Inventory OH NO

Meanwhile, Volume 2 and 3 are SOLD OUT online.  The Vivid store was emptied by a Merch Hit Team.

We're working to restock in time for holiday orders, and to set up the Skirmish Strategy Guides for online order.  If you catch us at Furry Migration in Minneapolis this weekend, we will have books there! Plus something zany to show off...

That's it for now.  Excited to see the new stories and art from readers this season- and as always, more on the way from us.  We love you folks, thank you!

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