The positions of the feet and the ball are part of the 5 elements of the setup. Although there are different schools of thought regarding feet positions, I will give you my advice on what is the most practiced method. 

The positions of your feet are the foundation of your golf swing. Make sure your feet are well-positioned with every club. What should we do to obtain a great address position? Try placing your left foot in an open position. For the right-handed player, the toe of the left foot should be turned slightly towards the target. This will promote a better follow-through, therefore, a better golf swing, as shown in the image on your left.

The back foot (right foot for right-handed players) should be placed approximately perpendicular to your target line. The front foot (left foot for right-handed players) should be placed so that your feet are parallel to the target line with the left toe pointing slightly towards the target (left foot is in an open stance).

Your weight should be evenly distributed between the heels and the balls of your feet.

Notice my feet are not as wide apart with shorter clubs. As the clubs get longer, you want more stability with a wider stance. I used a #3 wood, a #5 iron, and a sand wedge in these examples. This was a lesson I received many years ago that improved my overall basic golf swings. The proper address position (stance) is a very important part of the basic golf swing so be aware of how you place your feet before you make your swing.

The width of your stance should also be proportionate to the size of your swing. The shorter the swing, the narrower your stance, as shown in the image on your right.


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Claude LeBlanc
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