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It’s been ten days of Rebellion against governments around the world and we have sent our message loud and clear: their inaction on the climate and ecological emergency is criminal and we are not standing for it. We have put the spotlight on animal agriculture and shown that it is destroying animals and the natural world, causing climate chaos and putting us at risk of further pandemics. We have demanded that governments listen to the science and urgently start a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system.

Amazing rebels around the world have sacrificed their time, their comfort and, in many cases, their liberty, in order to make this Rebellion a success. We want to thank every single person who has supported the Rebellion. We know the system must change and we are going to see that change happen.

People have the power. 

Until next time...

Love and rage x

Credit: Rosie Ruttley-Dornan

Don't forget to tell your local MPs to back the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill

“This Bill outlines the path needed to avoid the [climate] catastrophe outlined by the United Nations General-Secretary António Guterres in 2018. Based on the accepted science of the IPCC, it is farsighted aiming to protect those at risk now and in the future.” 

Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director of Greenpeace International (2009 to 2016) and Secretary General of Amnesty International (2018 to 2020)

If the CEE Bill is made law, the Government would have to act fast, accounting for our entire carbon footprint while actively conserving nature here and overseas. 

Rebellion Roundup

Credit: @Dale_Phe

We kicked off the 'We Want to Live' Rebellion by marching from Smithfield Meat Market to Parliament with XR's samba band to demand justice for animals and a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system.

Credit: @sammivegan

Then we went to the BBC and demanded that the media tell the truth about the devastating effects of animal agriculture across the globe. 

Credit: @brendos_life

We blocked the road outside the Department for Health and Social Care with a bright pink slaughterhouse truck in order to raise awareness of the link between animal farming and zoonotic pandemics. Find out more about what happened here.

Credit: @brendos_life

Next we took the Rebellion to Barclay's, demanding that the banks divest from destructive animal farming industries. Read about how banks are propping up the oil industry and are ignoring international commitments to tackle climate change.

Credit: @andomeniconi

We joined with XR and Ocean Rebellion for the Marine Extinction March to bring attention to the extinction of the beautiful creatures who live in our seas. Read about Ocean Rebellion's very first action in this Guardian article. Find out more about the shocking impact of the fishing industry here

At the beginning of the second week of Rebellion, we blocked the entrance to Pilgrim's Pride (formerly Tulip) slaughterhouse near Manchester, shutting the facility down and preventing any animals being killed that day. Read more about this action on our blog.

Credit: @cavalier _fantome

We delivered an open letter to the UK Government, co-signed by numerous scientists, environmentalists and animal welfare organisations, calling on them to recognise the role animal agriculture plays in the spread of zoonotic diseases and take preventative action. Read the letter here and urge your local MP to make change by emailing it directly to them. 

Credit: @cavalier _fantome

We closed the Rebellion with a street party at DEFRA to demand that they end subsidies for animal farming and start to lead a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system


Animal Rebellion is run by a team of volunteers and we need your help. We're looking for rebels who can give their time and energy towards helping us achieve our goals. If you don't have spare time right now you may be able to help our fundraiser - all donations will be matched by donors!

Donate to fuel the Rebellion
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