Last week's events concerning the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign

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we have a new report on the 2018 Czech Presidential elections, which saw the re-election of Miloš Zeman. There are four notable aspects of Zeman’s re-election:

1. Massive disinformation campaign was orchestrated by the pro-Zeman and pro-Kremlindisinformation community of several dozen disinformation-creating websites in order to demobilize someof the voters who would have voted for Jiří Drahoš.

2. Extensive disinformation campaign was organized by unknown entities through direct-emailchains. Its extent and sources remain unknown.

3. The de facto campaign manager of President Zeman, Martin Nejedlý, whose personal debt waspaid off by the Moscow headquarters of Lukoil, orchestrated the campaign funding in a way that it is stillnot known who really provided the majority of campaign funding for President Zeman

4. Disclosed funding of his campaign and also the third-party which organized smearing billboard & advertisement campaign against Jiří Drahoš have links to China.

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