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For all of those celebrating the month of June, with graduations, moving-up ceremonies, weddings, baby showers, and everything else going on in your lives I've got 2 things to say to you:

1) CONGRATS! Enjoy this time because it goes fast! You came this far, go ahead and give yourself a huge round of applause!


2) TAKE A BREAK! With all the running around, organizing, carpooling, working, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, you must be exhausted!  Go ahead and grab your favorite coffee or tea and your eReader, sit down for an hour, and relax with a good book! Tell them I said you could. ;-) You definitely deserve it. <3

This summer I have a couple of awesome books coming your way, you've met my Devil, my SeaDragon is coming in a few weeks, and then it's a big old Bear for you up next! OH MY MY MY! ;-) Hope you like 'em!

Now, I went ahead and grabbed some great reads for you to check out below and a couple of new preorders from me! There is also a FREEBIE! Make sure you look! ;-)

Happy reading!


del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Blame it on the Devil...
Bearly Tamed Preorder Sale! #99cents!
Blood Moon By C.D. Gorri
FREE JUNE 20th-24th on Amazon US!


The Specter by Tam May
Birth of the Bacchae: A Vampire Origin Story (Immortal Relics Book 1) by Stephanie Mirro
A Deal with Death by Carrie Pulkinen
White Wolf by Suzanne Roslyn
The Blood Stone by Jason J. Nugent
The Dragon Lord by P.T. Macias
Paranormal Romance That Rocks
The Lion Witch by Amanda Kimberley
Paranormal Romance That Rocks
Sex With a Selkie by P. Mattern
Paranormal Romance That Rocks
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del mare alla stella,
C.D. Gorri
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