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Welcome to my May 2018 newsletter

How can it be May already? This month I started writing a new book, went to one of the biggest crime festivals in the UK and deleted what felt like a million emails about GDPR! By the way, there's an unusual question at the bottom of this email ... if I get enough replies, I'll tell you why I asked the question next month :-)

The Secret Bunker - Watch The Video!

My Mini Movie!

I get very excited about my sci-fi, I love getting immersed in fictional worlds, usually where everything has turned bad. Here is the mini-trailer I made for my Secret Bunker series ... it has thrilling music, dramatic action and lots of action. My budget wouldn't stretch to hiring the guy with the deep voice to do a voiceover :-)

My Next Book ...

I started writing my new thriller on 5th May and I'm already at the 50% stage. This book will be 90k words in length and is set in a very glamorous location off the Malaysian coastline. It's a family drama, based around a 70th birthday party and of course, it all goes wrong. This family has some very dark secrets and they all spill out during their island getaway. You can take a look at the location on which the book is based here.

Edge Of Your Seat TV

This Amazon Prime series has actually been around for some time now, but I wanted to share it with you because I haven't seen anybody bigging it up online. It's a great programme, set in the world of tech, and it has some of the most tense moments I've seen in a TV series for some time. If you thought Martin Freeman always played nice guys, wait until you get to the scene in bathroom - it's shocking, but excellent!

CrimeFest 2018

I made my first visit to the CrimeFest event in Bristol, UK last weekend. Not only was it wall-to-wall crime writers, they also packed the event with some mega-authors, like Lee Child, Martina Cole and Jeffery Deaver and Peter James. The highlight for me was seeing Lee Child in the flesh and he shared some great writing tips too. If you love reading crime, this event is well worth checking out.

Who To Trust Release

My latest book - Who To Trust - is released this Thursday! You can check out the Amazon listing here. I had great fun writing this story, it was inspired by my recent visit to Benidorm just before Christmas in 2017. If you've read any of my thrillers, you might have picked up that I love Spain. My Don't Tell Meg trilogy ends in Alicante and that was intentional ... my 'retirement plan' is to spend my winters there, writing a book every year while I enjoy some lovely Spanish sunshine.

Cute Dog & Cat Alert!

I can't believe that I've stooped this low to get you to read the bit about GDPR! I mean honestly, fancy luring you in with that cute picture? You must be as sick as I am of GDPR emails but in brief 1) Just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email if you never want to hear from me again 2) Here is my updated privacy policy ... if you can be bothered to read it! That's it, announcement over, you can enjoy the picture of the cat & dog now :-)

My Unusual Question

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the email. AND you got past the bit about GDPR. Here's my unusual question ... please would you reply to this email and let me know what the last item was that you bought on eBay or Amazon. Books don't count, it needs to be a product purchase. Thanks for your help!

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