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Every year, we announce our "Maverick Chefs" - those talented Canadian chefs who have made their mark on our country's unique culinary map. 

Each of our 2019 chefs connect people in a unique way. Suzanne Barr is active in her community. Among other things, she uses her success as a chef to give others a start in the industry by helping them learn valuable kitchen skills. Marcel Larrea brought Nikkei to Montreal, and the cooks out of the kitchen. Jean-Christophe Poirier created a piece of his Quebec home town in Vancouver to give the West Coast a taste of the East. Our Mav Sommelier Bryant Mao connects with people every day, introducing them to wines and drinks made by Canadian producers around the world. 

Read the interviews with our 2019 Maverick Chefs, and browse the Mav Chef archives at the link below.

Quench's 2019 Maverick Chefs

These Canadian culinary masters who are connecting people through food.

Meet the Mavericks
Unbiased wine writers

A letter has been circulating recently detailing a pay-for-review scheme by a wine review website. Although we can’t comment on their motives, our editor addresses what you can expect from Quench. In short: Our readers demand an unbiased look at the gourmet world, and we give it to them..

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