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Lately the challenges in life have been intense and coming at a rapid pace.  Some days I sat there and wondered what was next, but I was too afraid to say those words.  My fear was that it could get worse.

Trudging through the rough moments, I did the things I knew to do.  I reached deep within my toolbox and used every tool I had to deal with the challenges.  Some things worked and others did not. 

The one thing I knew is that I had the option to get some therapeutic bodywork done by Dr. Paul Canali.  It had been about five months since my last appointment.  Fortunately, he was coming up to the office of my friend, Jim Fazio, for the weekend.  

After my session with Dr. Canali, I noticed that my food tasted better.  I felt more peaceful and was calmer.  A skin issue I struggle with started to ease. 

Last night I slept peacefully and felt much more connected to the world than I had before this.

Even with challenges that hit me in life, I know that I at least have tools and people that can help reverse the impacts.  I don’t have to let them linger until they show up as aches, pains, and other dis-ease conditions.


P.S.  How are you overcoming life challenges?  Let me know by leaving a comment on my Blog Post.

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