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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Mar 29th, 2017

Four ways of protection from Cyber Attacks

As the frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches grows, the failure to have a plan of counterattack is not an option. Instead, businesses must be prepared and responsible when it comes to protecting themselves from hackers. With general awareness and education that teaches the best practices, your organization can be prepared to help make certain that you are cybersecure. By making sure you have these basic security tips in place now, you can save yourself from a lot of preventable headaches down the line. 


Cybersecurity firm 24By7Security presents incident response workshop

Sanjay Deo, President of 24By7Security, Inc., led a very well received incident response workshop at South Florida ISSA biennial conference. Incident response is a vital, but sometimes underrated part of Cybersecurity these days. With the belief that it is not a matter of “if” a cyber incident occurs but “when”, this incident response workshop came at an opportune moment. 


10 Important Cyber Security Tips For Small Business Owners

Small businesses are generally not well secured due to being labeled as small businesses, but their security threats are not necessarily small. On any given day, they can fall to the hacking, malware, ransomware and data breaches due to their cheap and out-dated protection. But with the few steps, they can avoid such cyber security risks. 


Cybersecurity not a one-time effort; requires constant vigilance

The chances of a small business being invaded, of having computers, smartphones, tablets and even bank accounts hacked because of poor cybersecurity, are rapidly growing. And some of the very things small businesses are encouraged to do to make themselves more visible, like having blogs, can also make them more vulnerable. See how one business owner's website invasion taught him a lesson that - Keeping your company’s computers and online sites safe isn’t a one-time operation, but requires continual vigilance as new kinds of attacks emerge.


Hacker Lexicon: What Is an Attack Surface?

Your areas of risk are known as your attack surface. It is the sum of all known, unknown and potential vulnerabilities and controls across all software, hardware, firmware and networks. A smaller attack surface can help make your organization less exploitable, reducing risk. That doesn’t mean you should stay off the internet altogether; the threat of a break-in doesn’t mean you board up all your windows. But it should give you pause when acquiring more and more gadgets that talk to each other, company servers, and who knows what else online. To get a handle on your security posture, you must understand the areas in which you are most at risk and design strategies to protect those areas. 


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BSides Orlando Security Conference - Apr 8th, 2017

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