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Collision Conference 2019 💥

Do you know whats worth missing 4 days of school? How about front row seats watching Justin Trudeau and Seth Rogan speak (individually, not together 😂), meeting and talking to both Hootsuite co-founder Ryan Holmes AND twitter ex-CEO and co-founder and current CEO and founder of Medium, Ev Williams (again separately, not together😂). Shoutout to Jen from TKS for hustling us the opportunity to speak to them! Overall, Collision was such a great experience. I got the chance to talk to and network with literally hundreds of people. I'm so excited for the next few years of Collision being hosted in Toronto!

 Oh, and I also walked over 9 km every day in the conference so I surely burnt some calories too 🔥🔥🔥

Used Deep Convolutional Neural Networks To Detect Breast Cancer In Mammography

I built a deep convolutional neural network which learnt pathology and can detect breast cancer in mammograms.

Youtube Video
Here's my vsauce style video explaining it👌

Here's a sorta vsauce (famous youtuber) style video I put together. I promise the quality will be way better on the next one 🤞.

Medium Article
Let’s Find Out If You’ve Got Breast Cancer — Using Artificial Intelligence

While you're at it - check out an article I wrote on this project! I've tried out a new writing style, more conversational. Check it out!

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In May, I Listened To All Sorts Of Podcasts

Since March, I've gotten super into listening to podcasts. No bus ride is complete without one for me. May was an interesting month because I had no headphones for half of it. So my podcast list was slightly limited and not too focused, but here are some good ones I heard in the month:

Hardcore History

Supernova In The East - 1

Naval Podast

Episodes 1 - 13 (so far everything)

Philosiphize This!

Sartre and Camus pt.1 - Freedom


Phil Stutz: Fame, Failures and Self Help

Here's what I'll be up to in June

Phew. May was probably my best month so far. I've recently had a huge surge of motivation, likely from getting all this stuff done + the better weather. I've got a bunch of exciting things lined up for June (and exams 😢).

Here's some of my personal ambitions for the coming month:

- Research (like actually learn) about health and diet and change my diet to be optimal.

- Become super technical. I'm currently not. Learning Python all over again for like the 4th time, but this time I've got guidance and motivation I never had before

- This isn't a "june" thing, but I'll be starting my internship at Elevate Tech Fest right at the start of July (on Canada day 🍁)

- I'll be starting to focus hard on regenerative medicine! I've always been interested in it but never gone hard into learning about this. 

Thank you for reading this. If you're down to talk, feel free to reach out to me (I promise I check my emails and messages)!



Sohail Sayed

Toronto, ON

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