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Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) announced that the terminal fee for international passengers will be included in the airline tickets for international flights sold outside the airport. This has since been applied since September 1, 2019 (Sunday). 

The airport management established a procedure in dealing with tickets with terminal fees integrated in the ticket and those tickets that have no IPSC, especially those bought (issued or re-issued) before September 1. 

However, there are types of international passengers who are exempted from the collection of terminal fees, as mandated by the law. According to Avigael Ratcliffe, corporate communications junior manager of GMR-Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC),  children below two years old, with or without any airline ticket, as well as overseas contract workers are exempt from the terminal fee. She also stated that passengers whose entry was denied are also allowed to leave off payment of the IPSC.

Malapascua is an island located in North Cebu, Philippines that has attracted local and foreign tourists because of its rich marine sanctuary. It has also become a haven for scuba divers to have a memorable encounter with the famous Thresher Sharks. This makes the island an idyllic destination because it is the only known place in the world that guarantees regular sightings for these sharks.

Apart from diving, it is perfect for relaxation and laid-back holiday trips because of its beautiful beaches, accessible hotels, and restaurants that offer various specialties! What else is there to do in Malapascua? For those who love the thrill of adventurous experiences, cliff jumping is the best activity for you! Malapascua Island is indeed one of the most captivating islands in the country.

SMEAG celebrated its 13 years in the business by uniting its campuses through an enchanting Disney-themed celebration. It was a joyous festivity as students, staff, and managers gathered together to mark another milestone with another year of delivering excellent service in English language education. 

The entire place was filled with cheers as each campus battled it out in sports and dancing competitions! Students were there to be part of the special occasion and loudly applauded when they saw their friends participating in the SMEAG Prince and Princess 2019 competition! In the end, it was the Sparta Campus that took home the most awards and was named as the overall champion for this year's anniversary.

On September 17 and 18, the British Council in partnership with the Department of Tourism ran a pilot of the CEFR Alignment Workshop at Marco Polo Hotel. This initiative was devised owing to the thriving number of English language learners in Cebu.

Facilitated by Ms. Iriz Anjelica Astillero from British Council Philippines, the workshop aimed to educate the participants on the purpose and uses of the CEFR, and produce initial designs of the ESL (English as a Secondary Language) schools’ curriculum. The facilitator introduced the English Profile Programme which aids the instructors to classify vocabulary and grammar patterns that are typical of each CEFR level. Methods on how to evaluate learners using the comprehensive level descriptor which is a tool that can help teachers identify if their students are set to level up were also one of the highlights. 

The workshop was well-attended by different representatives from various schools and SMEAG took part in this informative and interactive event.

The year may almost be over, as we approach the last quarter of the year, yet we still ensure that we get to update you of the test schedule for the computer-delivered IELTS. Thus, if you have any plans of taking the test before the year ends, here are the schedules that you should mark your calendar with.

TOEFL Junior - a program created for young English learners that bridges basic English and TOEFL preparation courses will also be offered in Sparta Campus soon. 

After a successful launch in Capital Campus, and since Sparta Campus has been effectively catering groups such as Junior Camp and Family Program, it would just be as exciting to know that Sparta is opening its gates for TOEFL Junior enthusiasts. The program will be the same as the one offered in Capital Campus and with both campuses’ collaboration, the next batch is hoped to be a success as well.

Nature's candies are often taken for granted by everybody -- even when they're packed with health benefits like vitamins and nutrients. Thus SMEAG had come up with an idea to uphold their importance by incorporating them with our meals. A selection of fruits was regularly included in our daily menu however, this time we are bringing in new fruits to the table so that our students can indeed enjoy our Fruit Party. 

With this theme, we hope to promote the advantages of fruits to the human body, especially for students who undergo stress and pressure from their academic life and the fact that they are far away from home.

Apart from providing excellent academic services for our students, SMEAG also offers fun weekend activities around Cebu! Island tour activities have always been something that the students look forward to which makes their stay in the Philippines less stressful. 

Last week, our students had a fun opportunity to travel all the way to Oslob which is a tourist spot found in the southern part of Cebu. Everyone had a great time relaxing, snorkeling, swimming with whale sharks and eating delicious local delicacies! ~ 🤗🌊



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