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Learning To Unlearn

Hi everyone!

This week, I'm sharing some thoughtful articles on unlearning and useful tools I've found, including a Twitter Thread → Markdown converter.

We've been conditioned in school to think in certain ways growing up. But is what we're taught still relevant or useful? It's time to unlearn some limiting beliefs and unlock access to fountains of ideas & growth.

The world keeps evolving and we can't meaningfully impact change if we're calcified in our ways. It's never too late to start.

As usual, thanks for reading and joining me on this journey. Do hit reply to share what you liked, and what you didn't.

On Unlearning

Learning To Unlearn Is The New Smart

Ana shares about the things we learned in school that we need to unlearn, then relearn. 

  • Unlearn: Fear mistakes
    Get comfortable with making mistakes and learn from them

    Why it’s better to be the anti-status quo

    Another good piece on unlearning. We've been taught that 1) competition is healthy; 2) winning requires outdoing the competition. But that's misguided. "The most rewarding path is not head-on competition with everyone else. Instead, it’s finding our own version of the sling and stone." Davids can beat Goliaths if they play smart, fast and redefine rules. 

      How to Unlearn Anything

      Actionable advice on unlearning. Be open. Chase the unfamiliar. Foster curiosity.

        Interesting Reads

        Happy, Smart, and Useful

        Have you ever felt unsatisfied by some decisions you've made? It might be due to failing to consider the intersection between these three things:

        • What makes you happy
        • What’s smart — meaning long-term good for you
        • What’s useful to others

          Infobesity: the splendour and misery of curation overload

          A thoughtful piece about information overload and the tools that we can use to curate information. What are we doing to make our curated content actionable? As a curator of BrainPint & Letterdrop, this piece resonated with me. How do you guys curate information? Share your best tools with me!

              Resources & Tools
              Better Sheets Promo Image

              Better Sheets

              Everyone uses Google sheets. What if you learned tips and tricks to make your sheets look & perform better? I learned how to make a Bookmarklet to help me curate BrainPint and collect links every single day. It's saved me both time and money. 

              Spend just $19 to get lifetime access to an amazing (and growing) library of videos. This is an aff link but I seriously am glad I got in on this deal.

              Ideas AI examples

              IdeasAI by Pieter Levels

              Check out this Open AI (GPT-3) powered idea generator. Cool ideas: Sell clothes designed by students of fashion schools. Help students and other young professionals find other people their age who want to live together. 

              Shorten Links With Own Domain


              Short is a personalized link shortener that allows you to create your own brandable links using your own domain. Generous free plan. (h/t to The Slice for the intro)

              The Rip

              The.Rip - Convert Twitter Threads To Markdown

              Finally, we get the ability to unroll & save Twitter threads into Markdown. I look forward to saving all the things I've learned from illuminating threads. Check out a thread on Marie Poulin's 37 Life Lessons.

              Communities / Newsletters

              No Code Club - The StackOverflow for no-code makers! It's a gamified community of makers collaborating on challenges while they build with no-code tools. It's on Product Hunt today, so let's give BrainPint community member Pierre the support he needs!

                The WP Weekly If you're a WordPress Professional, check out this newsletter to discover the latest tips, plugins, guides and get better at creating websites using WordPress.

                  Take A Brain Break

                  Words That Don't Translate -  A searchable directory of words that don't translate. My fav: saudade (Portuguese), which means melancholic longing, nostalgia, dreaming wistfulness.

                  Digital Pregnancy Tests are just paper tests with fancy displays. I chuckled at this. The tech behind this is fascinating.

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                    “The things that you put inside your head are like lego blocks. If you are trying to build with just with one shape and one colour your creations will always be limited. The more blocks you have and the more diverse their shapes and colours, the more interesting castles you can build.”
                    – Maria Popova

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