Here’s wishing each of you & your families a terrific 2019 – with all the abundance & tranquillity that the Universe can conjure!

As we enter a new calendar year, we at GAME are very excited about our evolving partnerships in our effort to catalyze Mass Entrepreneurship in India. As we delve deeper into conducting research, designing pilots and running advocacy campaigns, we are looking at assimilating learnings from these efforts and forging longer-term partnerships. I wanted to share some of the action that we have going:

  • Partnering with TRI (, we are rolling out a pilot in a few districts in Jharkhand along with the local District administration to enlist students to identify and nominate the best Mass Entrepreneurs at the district level. The best Student Ambassador and Mass Entrepreneur will be felicitated and awarded by the local community and government. We believe that creating local Ambassadors and recognizing successful local stories will foster a spirit of mass entrepreneurship and enable more people to join the fold.
  • Through another partnership with NITI Aayog and Atal Tinkering Labs, our effort is to build entrepreneurial skills in innovative High School Students. Selected students from Atal Tinkering Labs schools across India will participate in an intensive experiential learning workshop to build the entrepreneurial skills.
  • We are also in conversations with a large financial institution for a national campaign focussed on both triggering Mass Entrepreneurial aspiration and enabling the growth of existing solopreneurs.
  • With UNDP, GAME partnered on the Empretec program for entrepreneurs in Bangalore which amongst other benefits provided exposure to Empretec’s Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies.
  • We are engaged with Sattva Consulting to map and building a catalog of organizations (implementors, etc) and existing interventions in the entrepreneurship space.

Of course, we have been in other discussions with a variety of partners & funders to create our own roadmap of initiatives for the next 18 months. We would love to have all of you to frame a significant part of your efforts in education/ skilling/ livelihoods through the Mass Entrepreneurship lens, and we invite you to collaborate with us across any of the pillars that we are pursuing:

1.  Nurturing entrepreneurial mindsets early
2. Converting job-seekers to entrepreneurs
3. Helping single and micro-entrepreneurs to grow
4. Building cultural aspiration for Mass Entrepreneurship

Starting this newsletter, we have also started inviting articles by some of our partners and are delighted to have a contribution by Bhairavi Jani (Chairperson, IEF).

Look forward to your feedback, inputs, contributions & support on this journey.

Madan Padaki
Co-Founder, GAME- Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship


GAME partnered with UNDP and Empretec for a Primer Workshop in Bengaluru on 7th December

Madan Padaki, co-founder GAME talks about “Catalyzing Change” at Nasscom CSR Conference in Bengaluru

Madan Padaki, co-founder GAME is a panelist at UNDP Event “Driving Growth of Women-Owned Enterprises” in Delhi


Mass Entrepreneurship – The Way Forward

~ Bhairavi Jani, Chairperson IEF Entrepreneurship Foundation

At the heart of every nation’s well-being and economic and developmental progress, is the critical element of employment and livelihood. Nations that have ample livelihood opportunities for their people, tend to be more prosperous and socially stable than those that don’t. By 2030, one billion Indians will be of working age. This demographic change is unprecedented in the history of the nation and the world as well and poses a mammoth challenge for India in the coming decade.

Meeting our employment and developmental goals as a nation is forcing us to re-think what we understand as employment and what path we want to choose to create livelihood opportunities for a billion people. We know that the Government of India, with the armed forces and various public sector undertakings, is the largest “job provider” in the country, followed by the organized private sector. What is not known widely, is that both the government and organized private sector together, only employ less than 20% of the total workforce in the country. The agriculture sector has the largest number of Indians associated with it, but we continue to look at farmers or agriculture labor in a limited way and are just about getting started to rethink the role of enterprise in agriculture. Read More


Villagers get access to internet, now doing business using WhatsApp, Facebook and Amazon

The initial spark, the first contact with the tech for many of these people, came from Google, which in partnership with Tata Trust, is offering Internet Saathi programme in hundreds of Indian villages. 

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Delhi govt schools to have Entrepreneurship curriculum for students: Manish Sisodia

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, has announced that the government-run schools in the state will soon have the Entrepreneurship Curriculum for the students.

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Niti Aayog sets target of 8% growth over next five years

Niti Aayog, the government’s think tank, has pitched for an average 8% growth over the next five years to lift India to a $4-trillion economy in its 75th year of independence, proposing a strategy for a New India by 2022. 

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Patent applications by female innovators to get faster clearance: Draft rules

A patent application filed by a female innovator will be examined expeditiously with a view to promoting women entrepreneurship in the country, as per a DIPP proposal. 

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