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The Road to Recovery!

Hi Friends,

I’m sure in a sense we are all a little weary and looking to return to a sense of normal and even better as we come to the end of this 2020 year. It has been a year of great shaking and tumultuous change. I know this is for his Greater Glory and the Harvest. Challenging times for us and a great opportunity to reset and focus again on the things that matter most. our faith and his promises are key to navigating these times. Our personal prayer times and secret Place is more available than ever and our only refuge and tabernacle. This is the promise he gave me “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. (2 Tim 2:13)

Looking Back!

Jessa and I have used this last year to get back to the basics, so we built our marketplace business Magnificent Man Company. It is given us purpose and opportunity outside of church and ministry to share Christ and meet new people.

I’m sure in recent weeks you have seen that we changed our ministry name to Revival Harvest Ministries to reflect our mandate and calling which is missions, revival and evangelism.

This season has been a time of healing. Jessa and I took time out to go through a marriage intensive. We needed to reset and find a safe place for healing personally and in our marriage. We are seeing so many miracles and personal breakthroughs. Our daughters are changing as is the atmosphere in our home. Paris, our 5 year old, loves soaking with me nightly and she has grown so much memorizing scripture, soaking, worship and she was filled with Holy Spirit started speaking in tongues. Training them in the gifts of the spirit is so rewarding. I am praying for a fresh move of Holy Spirit in your families too, I am also praying for all our givers and partners that we will see a greater financial Glory too.

The Future!

What is God speaking to me and in what direction are we going in the new year and beyond?

I am excited to announce our first mission trip in 2021 to Kenya and Ethiopia, Africa. We have also scheduled a week of outreach and evangelism in the streets and parks of our city of Charlotte, NC on March 18-21, 2021. We are excited for RHA Charlotte 2021. Personally, I have been focused on healing and restoration this last 16 months now. This has included prayer, writing, counseling and a great deal of rest. I am stirred again and feeling great physically and spiritually. This is a season of personal refreshing and revival indeed.

I am open to some bookings in summer 2021 and will start traveling as the Lord leads. I am a little hesitant as I have learned this last 16 months how to be at rest, get out from under stress and pressure and relearn important boundaries and how to guard my secret place and not get under pressures that are not the Lord. I look forward to a new wineskin and for the heavenly new wine to be poured out. I know as we move forward waves and winds of refreshing and renewal will restore his battle weary church. This time of refreshing will lead to a restoration time where the church will regain all its ground and awakening will quickly advance the church. This last testing has prepared us for the greatest harvest.

THANK YOU for being a faithful supporter and friend. So many have lifted us in your prayers and given your support so we could rise above. We love you all truly.

Would you pray and sow an end-of-year gift and help us in this comeback, recovery and full restoration?

Your end-of-year giving is tax deductible, and we are praying that 2021 will be a time of Greater Glory!

Todd Bentley - Servant, Harvester

For we must always cherish the words of our Lord Jesus, who taught, ‘Giving brings a far greater blessing than receiving.  Act 20:35 (TPT)


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