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NomadMania Travel Awards: Last Call for Nominations!

The stage is set, and the spotlight is ready! We're setting up a big travel awards show this year in Lviv, Ukraine and need your help to find the most worthy travellers to celebrate. 

Nomination proposals close next week Monday, August 28th. 

2023 Award Categories:

  • Biggest Traveller
  • Most Intrepid Traveller
  • Best Travel Book (Published after 01/01/2020)
  • Most Purposeful Traveller
  • Biggest Digital Nomad
  • Most Trusted Local Fixer
  • Biggest LPI (Low Passport Index) Traveller
  • Best Travel App

📣 Special request: We’re especially keen to discover more travel apps that have made your journey easier and more memorable. So, do consider nominating more in this category!

Please, nominate your candidates here.

New Interview - Anurag Dasgupta

Meet Anurag Dasgupta a globetrotter who has trekked the paths less travelled. With an impressive tally of 163 countries under his belt, Anurag's journey isn't just about visiting new places, but about navigating the complex world of visas with an Indian passport. 

Get inspired by a traveller who believes in the essence of the journey, rather than the accolades.

Q: So you were actually there in Peru during the earthquake?

A: Yes, it's something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Experiencing that 8.0 magnitude earthquake in southern Peru in August, 2007 was no joke.

Read the full interview with Anurag here on our blog.

This Weekend: Don't Miss the Indian Travellers Webinar!

The time is here! This weekend, join us for the Indian Travellers Webinar! 

Immerse yourself in the adventures and tales of some of India’s most seasoned travellers.

📅 When?: This Saturday, August 26, 2023

🎤 Host: Per Besson

Register Now! Hurry, spots are filling up!


- Welcome and Meet the Guests
- Travel Tales from the Road
- Popular Global Spots: An Indian Perspective
- The Joys and Challenges of Traveling as an Indian
- India’s Diverse Beauty: From Mountains to Beaches
- Your Questions Answered
- A Warm Farewell

Register now and dive into a weekend full of inspiring Indian travel tales!


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