Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Residents,

What might have started as a few "Free Zuma Protests" have shifted into pockets of mobs and riots reacting with violence and looting in places that are more vulnerable or less secured. This, with some security services stretched in some areas, seems to have been overflowing to not-so-vulnerable and
relatively well-secured fringe areas and businesses.

We are concerned about the possibility of the spread of the unrest for the remainder of the day and into the evening/night. It is recommended to take measures for securing yourselves, your staff, and your businesses.

We highlight that there have been no reports of residential violence or residential-area-looting and that malls and shops seem to have been the most targeted, so far with some other random violence in some more vulnerable areas.

We also note that our suburb is stable with well-connected communications and security networks. Beagle Watch has also deployed more security in their areas. We stress that there has been no violence or riots or looting anywhere in our suburb or precinct so far.

We hope the arrival of SANDF to Gauteng over the next 24 hours will help to stabilize and prevent further looting and violence.

Our goal is to raise awareness and consideration for reasonable preparations and prevention measures, not to alarm and not to promote fear-mongering of any kind.

We also continue to request vigilance in not forwarding any unverified, non-reliably-sourced information into any of our suburb's Whatsapp Groups.

Please take care of yourselves, family, friends, and your neighbours during this challenging time.

MRA Executive Committee
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