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Pirate Love!

Behind the scenes of The Lady and the Pirate...

October saw the release of The Lady and the Pirate and I've had some lovely reviews. I thought you might like to hear how The Lady and the Pirate came about. 

Upon releasing The Lord and the Mermaid, an author colleague made mention of the ship on the original cover and of pirates. Straightaway I knew that was a wonderful idea for my next book. 

And so, the romance between a not-so-law-abiding  noblewoman and a pirate was born. Samael and Esta had just enough in common for them to meet, and the rest happened naturally. Of course there are strong ties between this story and The Lord and the Mermaid, with Admiral Nikolas Cosara and once-mermaid Merielle snagging supporting roles. 

The book is dedicated to Esther Rowley, my mother-in-law, who is no longer with us. I think she would've loved having the heroine, Esta, named after her. 

Here's what some are saying...

A rollicking sea story romance...

The story line moves from piracy on the high seas, to noble estates, kingdoms, battles, long-lost relatives, and, of course, passionate love... as strongly suggested by the title...

As a fun, relaxing read, this fulfilled all the criteria!...

What am I doing now? I'm about to start editing book 7, The Master and the Sorceress, which tells the love story of Katrine, Esta's sister. And I've started writing book 9, entitled The Queen Returns. So much happening!


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