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When Ophelia Black decides to settle down and create the perfect sanctuary for witches, warlocks, and wizards, the realm is torn apart, and the universe as we know it is changed forever.

This is the origin story for the Mystic Keep Universe. 

3 Reasons to Not Kiss a Warlock

Will the power of three set me free?

Powerful magic drew me to a cozy, Pacific Northwest town called Mystic Keep, a sanctuary for badass witches like me. It’s the sort of place where things go bump in the night—every night—and anything can happen. But that’s not what scared me.

My name is Merlina Black and I’m a middle-aged enchantress whose flown around the block a few times. But when I met the warlock, Donovan O'Reilly, my heart sputtered. That’s what terrified me.

I'm old enough to know there's no such thing as a soulmate; old enough to know love ends in tragedy; and definitely, old enough to know sexy warlocks spell trouble. But, the devilishly-handsome Donovan short-circuited my circuits, stirred my cauldron, and hexed my hormones. Since bad luck and good magic happen in threes, I figured the cure for my infatuation was to find three, good reasons to not kiss him.

When Donovan asked me to join him in his lair to conjure sorcery to save the town, our lives changed forever.

Will our shared magic be strong enough to save Mystic Keep? Will I survive this experience with any circuits left to fry? And will I find a good reason to not kiss the warlock? You need to read my story to find out.

This is a steamy, stand-alone novella, a supernatural-romance set in the Mystic Keep Universe. If you like paranormal women's fiction, witchy romance with a side of humor, and/or a slice of saucy urban fantasy, you'll love this story.

Excerpt - Chapter 2

“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. Then your love would also change”.

~ Shakespeare

My witch senses spiked. I folded my arms and leaned back, assessing the warlock. Donovan O’Reilly and I had met before. I guessed him to be in his late forties, and the passage of time had seasoned him well. My heartbeat hitched for a second.

Killer blue eyes dominated his perfectly sculpted face, covered with just enough scruff to make my female parts quiver. Silver strands ran through his thick, black hair, which peeked out from the hood of his cloak. His broad shoulders, thin waist, and mile-long legs made my hands itch. He was a perfect, and most delicious looking, specimen of an alpha Celtic male who would pique the interest of any witch’s passion.

Any witch but me that is. I sneered at the big, bad warlock, as one sneers at a chocolate sundae smothered with whipping cream and sprinkles when one is on a diet.

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Excerpt Chapter 2

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Contest News

November Winners

Thank you for all the submissions this month. Drum Roll. The winner is Ellie Wright.

December 1

My News

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and cheer. 

Christmas will look different for me this year. I won't get to hug my children and grandchildren or toast the season with my friends, but I will count my many, many blessings instead. 

I've been working on Ophelia's story, which started out small and kept growing. I fell in love with her wild character from the moment she jumped on the page and refused to leave it. It's been a lot of fun writing about her and her novella, Spell Binder, will be ready later this month. It won't be for sale. I've written it as a story gift for you, my newsletter writers. So keep an eye out for a newsletter later this month with the download link.

In the new year, I'll start Jane's trilogy. I've ordered the covers and I can't wait to see them. She's the younger Black sister witch who is starting a business in Mystic Keep called 'Dial Witch.'

That's all from me. 

Much love to you and yours,


PS My granddog stories.  Hollywood (the weener dog who is now famous because of her debut in an erectile dysfunction commercial)  learned to chase and bounce balloons on her nose. My four-year-old granddaughter joins in the chase and the giggling never stops. Mr. Charm, our other granddog who is an English Staffordshire Terrier, has returned from obedience school a new man. Hence his new name. 

Life is better with dogs. 


It's hard to make some of my most popular books free, but it's the best way for me to give you a taste of my writing. Each of these books is the first one in a series.

A Highland Ghost for Christmas

Midnight Magic

The Perfect Brew

A Highland Ghost for Christmas

The first book in my Gambling Ghosts series, A Highland Ghost for Christmas, is a funny, sweet tale about a woman receives a Tea-Leaf reading for a Christmas present and ends up taking home a ghost who likes shortbread cookies.

Rated: Sweet - Paranormal Romance

Midnight Magic

The first book in my Midnight Magic series, this story introduces a cast of whacky supernatural characters. As the janitor in a haunted house, single mom Abby has many contacts with the living and the dead so she decides to open a detective agency.

  Rated: Steamy - Urban Fantasy light

The Perfect Brew

The first book in my Perfect Brew series, this story tells the tale of Cassie Black, a witch who inherits a magical coffee house and along with it a curse and a murder to solve.

Rated: Sweet - Witch Cozy

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

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