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Restorative Yoga at the Fort graphic with Yogi Theo

Namaste, Happy New Year and bonne année Fort Massey yogis,

See you next Tuesday, January 7th at 6:30 (or a little earlier for newbies) in the Lower Hall at Fort Massey United Church.

If you made new friends over the holidays, bring one. If you made cookies or other high calorie treats, pleeeeease don't bring any.

Andrew (Indri)

stretching over the next 3 weeks

JAN7 6:30-7:45
Regular Class feat. Virabhadrasana I, II (Warrior I, II)

Guest Teacher

JAN14 6:30-7:45
Kanae, who trained in Vancouver, is going to take this and next week's classes prior to…

Guest Teacher

JAN21 6:30-7:45
… heading back to Japan, unless she finds work here 🤞, which would be cool cause she's nice! I'll be at both of Kanae's classes.

The Ideal Body

How our body shapes our character

“When control and spontaneity are integrated in the body’s movement, the result is coordination. Coordination reflects the degree to which the ego is identified with the body and yet is in command of its movements.”
Alexander Lowen, The Language of the Body (at Amazon, at The Open Library)

Academy of Ideas Article
Urdhva Drishti
+ the other eight drishti of Ashtanga Yoga

We talk about drishti almost every week, usually as it pertains to balancing in concert with the breath and our big toes. This Yogapedia piece is a longer look at the whole lot. Urdhva Drishti is #6 where the illustration of Virabhadrasana II is shown.

Yogapedia on Drishti
🍿 Stéphane Haskell ”Renaitre” Virabhadrasana I ( le héros )

This Virabhadrasana I video (in French) at Vimeo (2:55 minutes) is for all of you bilingual yogis who start class each week stretching your French prior to everything else.

And I don't want to hear any, "Le chien a mangé mes devoirs" next week.

More @ Fort Massey

Reviews + Credits + Thanks

Reviews help (especially since I'm hoping to add a seniors' class on Wednesday mornings soon and a class for runners as soon as I figure out when that might work). You can leave one on Google, Yelp and YogaTrail. Thanks!

And thanks for Yogi Theo™ in Virabhadrasana II to The Dragonfly at REDBUBBLE

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