Dear Avraham,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support that made these recent JewPro successes possible.

Because of your tremendous kindness, we were able to bring a group of JewPro young professionals to London for a 5 day life-changing trip.

We partnered with GIFT UK, where we learned about the beauty of giving and volunteering.

While there, we learned how to create a robust chesed program, with a focus on encouraging people to give. And to make an enormous impact in the community by assisting those in need.

The week was packed with experiences...

Whether it was our -- visit to a facility that runs programs for adults with disabilities -- Visiting patients with mental illness in the hospital -- Delivering gifts before Shabbos -- Passing out animal balloons to underprivileged children -- Learning magic tricks to bring joy to sick kids -- Or delivering packages to the homeless in Central London -- the trip was enormously impactful.

The group came back ready to spread an attitude of giving and generosity to their peers and community.

All this wouldn't have not have happened with out you! Thank you.

After the first day of the trip, Rebecca, 27, a Colorado native and Regional Manager of Moishe House, described the following:

       “It was extraordinary. We went to a care home and school for adults with mental                       disabilities and I was able to join their music class, which was the most uplifting and                 beautiful experience I ever had. I watched them play and sing and learn from one                   another  and celebrate each other. It was simply beautiful, and I cannot even describe             what that brought into my life.Thank you for giving me this priceless gift.”

Steven, 33, a Colorado newby, who works in real estate, had the following to say about his experience:

     “This trip has definitely changed me! It has inspired and motivated me to give back more          to society and make more of an impact in every encounter I have. It also inspired me to          work harder on myself and achieve the things that I can and want to accomplish. This              was a truly life changing trip and I hope more people get to experience it.”

Through your support, Rebecca and Steven and their peers are now seeing the world            through a different lens.

And because you choose to donate to JewPro, you have cultivated an attitude of giving, volunteering, and caring, that will spread throughout the entire Denver community.

With deep gratitude,

Danny and Sara Wolfe

JewPro, Denver

Avraham Lewis Consulting | Nachal Snir 10/1, Ramat Bet Shemesh
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