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I hope spring has sprung in your neck of the world (except Down Under, of course). These beauties belong to my son and daughter-in-love. I planted tulip bulbs in my flowerbed when I first moved into our home a long while back. They’re still flowering, but not quite this gloriously.

Thanks to all who showed Judy Banger some serious book love. I’m super pleased by the numbers—or as my social media VA says: “Our metrics rock!” I didn’t even know I had metrics.😉

Another GREAT reading DEAL from my friend Linda Barrett!!

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FLYING SOLO – 4 single parents—a football player, a medical doc, a country vet plus one worried mom who’d do anything for their kids’ happiness. Falling in love, however, was not on the menu. Until it was.

Winner, Award of Excellence
Winner, Write Touch Readers' Award
Award of Merit-Holt Medallion
Rick Cooper is a NY cop who leaves his job to recuperate from a botched hostage negotiation. He heads to his family’s home on the lake with only his fishing pole, his saxophone and his therapy dog, Quincy. Kristin is a single mom trying to deal with her traumatized daughter. They are lent a cottage on the lake so that healing can take place. Despite distrust between the adults, warm feelings begin to grow. Can the power of music and a therapy dog lead to healing and the creation of a new family?

Finalist, National Readers' Choice Awards
Award of Merit-Holt Medallion
After breaking his arm, single dad Eric Mitchell seeks help with his rural veterinary practice in upstate New York. Dr. Alison Truesdale accepts the six-month position in an effort to begin life again after losing her husband and son. She hadn’t counted on a boss with an attitude. When a street-smart runaway enters their lives, both adults realize that she might hold the key to transforming a houseful of strangers into a home full of love.

Winner, Write Touch Readers’ Award
NFL Quarterback Dan Delito had it all – talent, money, fans and love. Until his wife died. Nothing matters to him now except the game and help from Jack Daniel’s. Then he meets attorney Alexis Brown and her infant niece. Suddenly his world is turned upside down again. Is it because Alexis strongly resembles his late wife, Kim? Is it because he admires the intrepid lawyer who’ll do whatever’s necessary to retain custody of her niece – including standing up to him, the baby’s dad? As trust grows, romance beckons…despite Kim’s shadow. Do they have a chance for wholehearted love?

Psychologist Abby MacKenzie needs an R&R after losing one of her patients. She wants hard physical work and heads across country to the apple orchards of New England, near her aunt. Jake Templeton doesn’t want Abby anywhere near his troubled daughter. He’s distrustful of mental health professionals. He distrusts Abby for needing a “sabbatical.” But his daughter seeks Abby out, and Jake finds himself falling for the sensitive and lovely woman hiding from her past.

When a book ambushs…er, surprises…the author.

I’m guessing most readers assume writing a book is a fluid, start-to-finish kind of endeavor. And that might be true for some authors, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened my story expecting to take my characters in one direction, only to find them headed off somewhere new and unexpected.

Here's an example from MONTANA DARLING, Book 3 in With Love Montana: Big Sky Mavericks and Friends. Single mom Mia’s a mess. She’s lost her marriage, her job, her home, and her health. She’s back in her home town living with her parents while trying to jump start her life. Finding out there’s a squatter claiming to own the property she got in her divorce settlement is the final straw. In typical Mia fashion (she’s a lawyer), she confronts the surprisingly handsome vagrant.

Things don’t go the way I expected.🙂


Solar Eclipse by Proxy

As per the map above, I will NOT be able to witness the entire solar eclipse on April 8. Will you?

I’ll admit I had no idea what a big deal this was. Since I see my elbow surgeon for the last time on the 9th, the eclipse sort of slipped under my radar.

We’ve started laying out our first RV trip of 2024 in mid-May, but making the trek to Texas to watch the sun get “mooned” wasn’t in the cards for us.

This April 1st meme made me laugh!!

Fortunately, I have connections. Our RV travel pals, Fred and Colleen, are making the journey to Texas to record this marvel in person. And Colleen has promised to share real-time updates. I’ll happily share Colleen’s pics in my newsletter on the 18th and on social media.

Speaking of social media, my VA Rylee made this cute spring REEL for TikTok. It goes by fast, doesn’t it?

Happy reading,


Next up:

April 18: Last chance for a 2nd chance, Tempting Fate, and other stuff…you know me.😉



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