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List of GLA Nominees - Compiled

GLL is grateful for your active nomination for this year Global Lithuanian Awards. The obvious trends we have noticed so far: more sweet success stories of global Lithuanians coming back to their home towns, starting their own businesses and initiating positive change as well as more ideas born and developed in Lithuania reach global level. Two things are clear: the Selection Panel will have hard time choosing the Laureates and, on December 28, we are sure to find out new inspiring stories and meet new global Lithuanian leaders.

Lithuanian Days in Los Angeles - on LRT

This year the traditional Lithuanian Days in Los Angeles, which always take place on the first weekend of October and bring  together thousands of Lithuanians from the USA and elsewhere for fun  and interaction, will be featured on LRT most popular morning show Labas Rytas, Lietuva. Well-known LRT face Ignas Krupavičius was invited to participate and feel the exceptional vibe of the event by Lithuanian professionals in Los Angeles Lithuanian American Business Association in LA - LABA.LA. This organization is working on bringing two countries together in the areas of film-making, life sciences and IT.

Global Professionals in Action

Tomas Navardauskas, the leader of Israel Lithuanian Technology Hub in Tel Aviv has persuaded seven Lithuanian IT companies with variety of competences - internet and mobile apps, on-line commerce, business management systems - to form a cluster to boost the exports in joint effort.  This allows smaller entities to have material impact and get engaged in bigger projects. This way they reach wider markets, share contacts and get more attention. They aim to join international chains and associations and compete on the highest level. Read more...

GLL Patron D. Daubaras on Supervisory Board of “Lietuvos Energija“

GLL Patron Darius Daubaras has been elected as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of UAB “Lietuvos Energija“. Darius has accumulated more than 18 years of international experience in investment banking and investment management, has worked in corporate finance, equity capital, investment and venture capital management in global economic centers. Being highly successful and appraised abroad he was confident bringing his experience back to Lithuania. Moreover, “Lietuvos Energija“ is still looking for more independent members to the Supervisory Board. There should be the right candidate in the network of Global Lithuanians! If you happen to know someone, do not hesitate to share the information.

Invitation for Companies: 5th Round of “Talent for Lithuania” Program

A new round of GLL program “Talent for Lithuania” starts on October 9, 2017. The program is a great tool for work-based learning for recent graduates, an opportunity for young professional to come back to Lithuania. Are you searching for a new talent to join your team? Let's cooperate and bring the value of international education and professional experience to the Lithuanian labor market together! Learn more about the program here or contact us.

GLL Represented at the Largest HR Conference in Lithuania

Director of GLL Kotryna Stankute has been invited to the biggest HR conference #HRsavaitėLietuva in Lithuania to share the insights on her expertise - young talent attraction. She talked about the most effective ways to attract the graduates from foreign universities to come back to Lithuania and discussed the best practices of working together with Lithuanian companies while running Talentai Lietuvai program. More about the conference.

Lietuva³ Discussion at Festival "Būtent"

On September 9, at Discussion Forum "Būtent" in Birštonas, GLL together with Law Firm TRINITI started the 4th season of discussions. The topic „Lithuania today – global or local?” has raised many questions about Lithuanian identity. How to shape it? What is positive and negative defined in it? Can it have many faces? The panelists Dr. Tomas Balkelis, Jurgis Didžiulis and Algirdas Kaušpėdas were looking for answers to these questions, taking examples from the history and their own experience. Here is its recording and photos.

Networking "Back to Vilnius" | Vol. 7

Do you remember September 27? We surely do! The 7th networking event "Back to Vilnius" once again brought together loud and cheerful crowd of global Lithuanians. Thank you all for coming and making this the evening to remember. Fantastic vibe and really loud discussions (and songs)! The positive feedback that guests shared with us is the biggest motivation to keep this tradition going and growing. Don't forget to make a note on the last Wednesday of October to meet with us and follow the news on GLL FB.

New Season of "GLL Business Advisors"

GLL believes in the power of global network. It proved to be effective helping Lithuanian exporters to enter foreign markets. As program "GLL Business Advisors" evolves, the new season starts with new corporate membership for a year. The first to enroll in it is engineering solutions company PAKMA which is ready to conquer foreign markets with the help of global Lithuanian advisors and connectors. More about the program opportunities.

GLL Members

September Meetings with Global Lithuanians

September was richer than ever with meetings with visiting GLL members. Just to name a few: after the conference "How to Commemorate the Great Synagogue of Vilna Site?" devoted to the significance and possible ways of reviving of the Great Synagogue, we met in person with its speaker, great  advocate of Lithuanian business and culture in the US Jerrold Zoloto; we had a three-hour talk on the future development of GLL with the founder and patron of the organization Daiva Naravaitė; we got to know the leader of young Chicago professionals Dalius Savickas. Live meetings rock!


Lietuva³ Discussion on National Security and Civil Resistance | October 11 | Vilnius

On October 11, at 6pm, back at Martynas Mažvydas National Library, we are continuing looking at the most important questions for Lithuania and digging deeper to the topic of national security and civil resistance. Mark the day and come, or watch it on More information will be announced soon on GLL FB.

Innovation Drift | October 12-13 | Vilnius

Vilnius Innovation Forum (VIF) is the biggest high-level meeting at the Baltics aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs, business and public policy decision makers, scientists and researchers to discuss the state of innovation in Europe and beyond.

Forum of Program “Global Lithuania“ - Partnership of the State and Diaspora | October 30-31 | Vilnius

On October 30-31, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes Global Lithuania Forum 2017 “Partnership Between the State and Diaspora”. The Forum will bring together 130 participants from 28 countries representing organizations of Lithuanians living abroad, governmental and non-governmental organizations, diaspora professionals. The participants will discuss various aspects of state – diaspora relations and will propose guidelines for the renewal of the state-diaspora relations program “Global Lithuania“.

Global Lithuanian Awards | December 28 | Vilnius

SAVE THE DATE. Just like last year, we will end the year with the day fully devoted to Global Talents. December 28, 2017 will start with Forum of Global Professionals devoted to the discussions of potential of global talent for Lithuania and Lithuania's potential to attract the global talent. It will go on with the celebration of Global Lithuanian Awards where most valuable achievements of global Lithuanians will be announced and awarded. The day will be crowned by festive dinner and celebration of bright prospects of the coming year. Follow the updates HERE.

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