Happy Holidays!

I can't believe Christmas is in less than two weeks! We don't even have a tree up yet but I'm working on it! 

To get into the holiday spirit, I've got a few FREE STORIES featuring a few of my favorite guys and gals. Ashe and Riley celebrate a Yorkshire Christmas in KISS HERE, MR. HUNTER while Dax and Harlow join everyone at the Taos Plaza for the annual tree lighting and run into someone they don't expect in A TAOS CHRISTMAS. Both these stories are best appreciated after reading Loving Ashe and Everything She Ever Wanted.

I also want to thank those of you who left reviews for my latest holiday=themed releases, THE REPLACEMENT FIANCE and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS

As for giveaways, I've joined two for the holidays:

If you're on Bookbub, check out an amazing giveaway I'm part of—a six-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited plus ten romance ebooks!

There's also a giveaway for a waterproof Kindle Paperwhite and 2-$25 Amazon Gift Cards! 

I've also added a few more books that are either free or discounted to help fill up your e-readers. I've already started reading Genevieve Davis' debut novel Fly Away Home and am totally loving it!

Happy Holidays,


Every guy knows the unspoken rule: don't ever fall for your best friend's sister... until she shows up at your company holiday party and the last thing you want to be is her brother's best friend.


When Mariah learns that her ex-fiance and best friend will be spending Christmas next door, she figures it's time for a fake fiance of her own. But when he can't make it, her best friend steps in. It's all pretend until one practice kiss...



A mother and daughter under witness protection in a small town. A sheriff who'll do anything to keep her safe. 


All Harper wants is to erase her past and start over. Leo's the one who holds the key to the blank slate.


When a shy cocktail waitress catches a workaholic British billionaire's eye, he’s powerless to walk away.

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A feisty fashion mogul.
A billionaire financier.
One rule they can’t break. 


She's determined to keep her secrets. He's returned to uncover them.


Two lives unraveling. Two weeks in Kauai's North Shore. One chance to be who they are.

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