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Show Up. Be Seen. Stand Out. Are You Game?

Hello again,

Welcome back to the latest edition of "Great Things" :)

This one's a bit of a mixed bag as I've been reminded of some of the great things of the past year or so that have had an impact on me, alongside some new things...

The Latest & Greatest

Doing my own emotional work over the past 3 years as I've been exploring my adoption has been everything from exhilarating to horribly hideous. But re-watching The Call to Courage from Brené Brown this weekend reminds me why I'm bothering. Like her original TED talk on vulnerability, this is well worth your time. She's one of my absolute favourite speakers, and she's a fellow introvert!

I bookmarked this tweet as a reminder of what's possible for someone 'ordinary' or 'normal' to get creative and use the internet to earn a pretty decent living.

This, to me, is the power of the internet and what being online these days can result in without needing to be overly techie or specially skilled. 

Another tweet about how to stand out, be memorable and create customers who want to come back...this is easily translatable to other businesses outside the hospitality industry. 

For example, my – so far limited – version of this is giving away the very first ebook I wrote about how we became location independent absolutely free, no strings attached (or emails required), simply download it from this page. I have a ton of other things I've written and created over the years – from a 100+ page ebook on mindset to how to do your own graphic design and more – that I'll also be adding as bonuses and resources to my own website over the coming weeks. 

How can you apply this to what you do – in your own business or at work – currently? 

How I Can Help This Month

If you need some strategic support for your something great this year, to figure out your what, your how or even your why, book an Initial Exploration session*** with me here.

*** Mention this newsletter and I am happy to give you a bonus 30-minute follow-up call to use within a month of your initial session + the choice of one of my digital eKits (on strategy, branding, customer experience and more – you'll get to choose whichever will help you most). See what I did there? ;)

Have a great week – until next time,

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