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Last Chance Hotel Animal Rescue & Rehome

Big stories for the newsletter are rather like the proverbial buses, - nothing happens for ages, and then three come along at once. After a fairly quiet couple of months, June has been a veritable cauldron of activity. Firstly the Spring Fayre and Dog Show, a fab day weather wise and a really good atmosphere with lots of smiling faces, - and the humans seemed to enjoy it too! Then our Facebook Auction, with some very interesting and beautiful items up for grabs. And finally, the best news yet in a long long time......but you will have to read the newsletter to find out what it is.

June was a hot month, far too hot on a lot of days for walkies as usual, and many dog owners wisely adjusted their timing accordingly, and kept in the shade as much as possible. Some clever and inventive peeps made special ice lollies for their pooches, and others invested in kiddies paddling pools to help keep their four legged family cool. The Last Chance Hotel community of fosterers, adopters and animal loving supporters shared advice and ideas on various topics by way of social media. It is this community spirit that keeps us going, through all the ups and downs, - and there have been quite a few downs lately... to know that there are so many people out there who want to help, even in a small way, so that one more dog can be saved, one more precious soul can be brought to safety. Team LCH may be small, but we’re strong. Community LCH and all our supporters make us stronger, and we are truly thankful for each and every one of you.


New Arrivals

Another month, and another stream of dogs, - different breeds, ages and sizes, many of them brought to safety from council dog pounds, but all of them in need of foster care for one reason or another. One little fellow’s story is very sad. Bronx had to go into emergency boarding following a house fire in which his four legged companion lost her life. Bronx’s owners cannot have animals in their temporary accommodation, but following an appeal from us in the local paper he now has a foster home until such time he can rejoin his family.
Nala (now Ellie) the Great Dane cross stole her fosterer’s heart within 24 hours, so inducting her into the “Failed Fosterers Club”. Ebony and Autumn have already found their new homes, and little Jack is a nervous boy and needs a really special person to help him build his confidence. Tilly and JRT pup Bailey are waiting for their foster homes. Fly is looking for a new home due to his owner's ill health. 14 year old Bailey has had his whole world turned upside down as his owner has gone into a care home.

From Top Left, clockwise - Bronx, Autumn, Tilly, Ebony, Jack, Bailey JRT pup, Fly, Nala. 14 year old Bailey is in the centre.

These are just a few of the incomers for last month. If you would like to follow their progress, and find out more about all the others, please check out our Facebook page and website lastchancehotel.org. We now have a news section on the Home page; dogs are constantly being assessed in their foster homes and information changes regularly.

Still Waiting

Nessie is, according to her chip, a “Patterjack”, i.e a cross between Jack Russell and Patterdale terriers. When she came under the care of LCH, she had severe fear aggression, but this has improved greatly and she has come on in leaps and bounds in foster. She needs time to get to know someone, but once she does, she loves a cuddle. Nessie is dinky in size, and can nestle on your lap or shoulder, at a push! This girl is great off lead and her recall is fantastic. She is very treat orientated and is good with other dogs. Nessie will never be 'Miss Perfect', but that's how it is. She has great character, and for the right person she will be the best companion.

If you think you, or someone you know, could be that special someone for Nessie, please go to our website lastchancehotel.org or contact one of the team by email info@lastchancehotel.org

Happy Departures to New Homes

If a dog has been in foster for a while, waiting for their special someone to come along, it’s a fantastic feeling when that finally happens. Being part of making that connection between a dog and their new family is very rewarding, but also tinged with sadness at their leaving. Beanz had been waiting for some time, but now has a loving new home with his special someone. Bailey was in foster for a couple of months before he was spotted by his new family. Ebony and Millie didn’t have to wait long, they only arrived in June; Toots and Jasper Carrot, who have featured in recent New Arrivals, also trotted off to their forever homes. And finally, the “Failed Fosterers Club” added two new members, with both Nala (now Ellie) and Frank proving too irresistible to part with.

Far top: Beanz. From top left, clockwise -Bailey, Millie, Toots with his new brother Max, and Frank.

The news we have all been waiting for...

Last Chance Hotel is moving!!

A personal message from Last Chance Hotel founder, Samantha B’Stard: 

“Last Chance Hotel has been a tenant of the Tregothnan Estate for over 4 years now, but as the years have moved forward, and LCH has grown considerably, we have begun to struggle for space and land. Just recently our landlord’s agents have presented us with an alternative…. a new home… with land and the opportunity to expand a little, but more importantly, to become a more effective rescue, save more lives and work more pro-actively with our rescues, and with anyone else who needs our services.

Wheal Henry, a small farmhouse with 6-ish acres is going to be our new HQ, surrounded by nothing but nature. Heaven to us, but more importantly, a safe haven for animals. Over the last year or two, we have taken in pigs, horses, we have a sheep coming, as well as the usual dogs, cats, rats, snakes… the list is endless. So you can imagine the excitement here at HQ….. to be able to have our rescues close to us, instead of being spread out over the county. Our move date has been set for the end of October, but both us and our landlord are hoping it will be sooner…

The downside is this, - the amount of work that needs doing; the house is uninhabitable at the moment, the land has been neglected. The landlord will renovate the house and modernise it, whilst the rescue starts sorting the land. Our main priorities are to clear (by hand) all the ragwort, cut back all the overgrown bramble etc, taking care NOT to interfere with any wildlife, and fence everything in.

So over the next few months we will be updating here in the newsletter. Of course, if you want to be more involved, we will be having volunteer days, where we will be begging for help! In early July we will be signing contracts, and at that point we will be working on the land and getting it ready to take the big animals, so watch this space ….. it’s all happening here….
PS We will pay for all help, in Tea, Coffee, Cake and such like …..”

June Fundraisers

Our first big fundraising event of the year was held at the beginning of June. The Last Chance Hotel Spring Fayre and Companion Dog Show proved to be a fun day for lots of pooches and their owners, and the weather was perfect despite the forecast of rain! A fab day, so many Last Chancers, and new dogs too. Thanks to all those peeps that came along to support us, join in the fun, browse the stalls and have a cuppa and bite to eat.

One of the highlights of the day was Phil Hyden’s head shave. This lovely guy has been running a JustGiving page for over two years, with the promise that he would shave off his waist length hair (he is a hippie) when his target of £1500 was met. Phil bravely turned up, with his two Last Chancers, Lenny and Rosie, hair plaited and prepared for snipping for donating to The Little Princess Trust. A fab gesture from a great guy, thank you Phil.

As for the dogs, Kim Allen stepped in at the last minute to judge the pedigree classes, and Nigel Lunt had his work cut out judging the Fun Dog Show, with the Best in Show rosette going to Angel, owned by Kathy Dent. The lush chocolate cake, made specially by Carlawurlies Cake Company was won by Hannah Richards, closely observed by her handsome hound Leo.

LCH Auction

The Last Chance Hotel Facebook Auction ran through most of June, ending on Sunday 25th. This was Carla’s first time to preside over this important fundraising event, and she did fantastically well! Huge thanks to Carla, for your hard work in organising all the donated lots and getting the auction running smoothly. Very many thanks to all those peeps who bid on the items up for grabs, and to all the generous folk who donated such a variety of fabulous goodies. Thanks also to Helen and Kate for helping out with admin and keeping us all in check! Roll on the next one!

If you would like to help LCH with a fundraising event, please contact the team with your idea on 01209 281159 or email Louisa on louisa@lastchancehotel.org.


Poet’s Corner

I thought I left a cake just there
I hunted for it everywhere
And then I heard a pitter patter..
In she trotted, looking fatter.

Thank You!

From Good dogs to Needy dogs

Grateful thanks to the St Austell Bay Dog Training Club for the donation presented to one of the team, Helen Morrison. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Vegan Friends

Thank you to the organisers of the Cornwall Vegan Festival for their lovely donation to help all the animals in our care.

Doggies and Moggies

A routine shopping visit to Doggies and Moggies in Penryn by one of the team resulted in a box of goodies for the dogs. Thank you Janet for thinking of us!

Have Van, will fill it up…twice

Joy Keys, Sue Clinton and us at LCH have been very very lucky to share in a fantastic donation from the fab Tracy Waldron and crew at NAWT, in Hungerford, Rachel Cheer and the lovely people of Cornwall. A massive massive shout out to you all, every donation of duvets, beds, towels, food, leads, collars toys and stuff (filled the van up TWICE!!!!!) has all gone directly on the rescue animals, shared out between us..... we are all working together to make our charges comfortable and happy...... because that is what really matters…

Bunty has a Makeover

Once again a massive thank you to Kd Kelly at The Dog House Helston for making yet another LCH oldie look and feel so much better. Little Bunty Bubbles looking beautiful bless her heart…

Did you Know?

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! Click on the link to go straight there, it will open a new window.


Rainbow Bridge

Tom came into our care in May, along with Frank, whom we believed to be his son. Tom was a placid boy, the most beautiful, placid boy you could ever wish to meet. He was only 2 and a half years old himself, bur very poorly. Due to abuse and neglect, he was living in the body of an old man, with badly healed fractures of his hocks, causing early onset arthritis. He had extensive scarring on his head, and his ear and ear canal had been removed. Sadly, he was badly damaged internally too, - his colon and rectum “dead”, for want of a better word. Our vet Simon had no option. In saying goodbye to Tom, we set him free from his pain.

Missy arrived from the pound in November last year, seriously ill with pyometra, and had to undergo emergency surgery for this as well as a mammary strip. She went into foster with Karen and her family, and discovered love and kindness. But all the positive thinking in the world could not have stopped the cancer that riddled her frail body. Run free now Missy, you will always be in our hearts.

Dear Bella, her previous owner didn’t care for her, but she found more love and tenderness than she could ever have hoped for with Ruth and her mum. They loved her through her illness and did everything they could to make her happy. No more struggles now Bella, run with the hounds.


Our hearts and thoughts go out to Karen and her family, and Ruth and her mum; thank you for the love, care and kindness you showed to Missy and Bella.

Rescues Revisited 

This is what Last Chance Hotel is all about....... 

I think Arnie is well and truly settled in with his girls, there is never a dull moment in the house, (wrecked front room when they all play) lol. Thank you Last Chance Hotel. He has brought life into our home and he is amazing, love them all to bits xx MB


 Nearly five years ago a small scrap of fur with no name arrived in my home as an emergency one night foster. I called him Sir Sid of Knee [Sidward & Small]. He was teeny tiny and a mess at around 12-16 weeks old and had been destined to be a bait dog. I was sceptical as he is a Staffy cross. Once I set eyes on him I am afraid that I failed dreadfully and he never left. I am his person, he is my boy. However, I thought people would like to see what is possible with time and love and patience. Sidward has become the kindest, loveliest, cleverest, most well behaved dog anyone could ever wish for. He radiates joy and confidence and a zest for life that defies the start he had in life. Is it worth it ? YES every single day I love him more and more. I include a picture of him today, enjoying agility at Beano's Ballpark. He is loving it ! BL

 Anyone remember Sasha? The 17 year old that was dumped by her owner a year ago. Well here she is table raiding. Just helped herself to a packet of Schmacko's with 14 in it and scoffed the lot. Love her so much. She is such a character, but didn't think she would still be here a year after her world turned upside down!! CW

This adorable lump joined our family in January 2016. He had a ickle bit of a weight problem.....weighing in at 51.85 kg. Today he has been weighed and he is now at target of 37.05 kilos. A loss of 14.80 kilos or 2.33 stone. Well done Budley. You’re a lot healthier and full of life x MT

The other day Sam told me that he'd caught Rosie dreaming and she was wagging her tail. She normally cries or whimpers when she sleeps and we never know for sure what kind of dreams they are... But the wagging tail was a dead giveaway that this one was a good dream. So happy we found our beautiful girl and to know she's truly happy here fills my heart with so much joy. CJS

Holly loving the sun! RB

I do wish they'd relax! Winnie and Albert. JP

Our beautiful LCH girl Poppy TJ

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home.


Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to my little Princess!
Massive thanks to the LCH Team for getting her safe! KD Kelly

Can you work out this puzzle?

The Last Chance Hotel Hub Shop

The Hub Shop is situated at 83 Fore Street, Redruth, almost opposite Wilko’s, and open 10am - 4pm Monday to Saturday. Lots of new and preloved goods on sale and hot drinks in exchange for a donation. Pop in for advice about animal related issues, and a browse around! Our 'Sale' days have been very popular.

Volunteers to help man (or woman!) the shop are warmly welcomed, - just a couple of hours a week will help enormously. Please contact the shop on 01209 315547, or drop in for a chat.

Dates for your Diary

Saturday 8th July 2017 Eyes down 7.30pm
St John's Church Hall, Mount Hawke Bingo evening in aid of LCH, run by Andrew Russell. £6 per book of 6 games


Better than all of the gold in the world
Better than diamonds, better than pearls
Better than any material thing
Is the love of a dog and the joy that it brings

Laura Jaworski (Children’s book author)

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