Halloween Treat Issue

John Pirillo


Author, John Pirillo

Good Morning!

Another coolish day here, but not nearly so much as last year. Looks like this Winter is coming to a crashing halt here.

My birdies are screaming for attention.

I'm running late because of errands and haven't eaten breakfast yet either.

Gonna have to go and feed the little monsters. Love them to death.

Got two super bundles in this issue and assorted other fun things and the usual fractal flames.

Bye for now.


Hugs to all.


Excalibur Super Bundle

If you were as powerful as Merlin, would you really let King Arthur die?

You wouldn't!

He'd still be alive and working to help those in need.

This Super Bundle is loaded with fun reading and two great books loaded with super cool artwork created by me, Distractions and Angles and Stuff.

You've seen some of the wild things I've created and posted and these are more way out there, fun, visually exciting designs that will both amaze you and calm you with their peaceful energies.

Purchase at my bookstore.

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Sherlock Holmes

The Abominable Man

A crime spree across two continents and a mystery solved that raises another question. A very important  one.


They fight for us!

Combat Earth

Earth has been attacked.

We are going to fight back.


This is a super bundle.

This novel is bundled with the two artbooks above along with other really nice goodies.

Get your copy now from my book store.

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Super Vampire Bundle

My name is August Dark.

I'm a werewolf.

No, I'm a vampire.

Well, whatever I am, I know for certain I am a detective.

And my father is too.

And we solve crimes...sometimes the easy way...sometimes with teeth and claws!

He didn't want to be what he had become, but now he was a vampire, or was it werewolf? 

Included in this bundle are two August Dark books, an Angel Hamilton book, who is sort of like a Ghostbuster but without atomic power.

Three fun and adventurous vampire books all tied up in a nice neat bundle with two beautiful fractal flames books added to take the edge off the nail biting you did while reading the first three books.

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Get my Super Vampire Bundle now from my bookstore.

Demon of the Nile

What would you do if your child was kidnapped?

What if you knew they were going to be sacrificed?

Who would you ask for help?


Hugs to all!

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Have a great week!


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