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1. Quote of the Month

2. Stress Management Video Tip


COUNTERWILL—the natural human resistance to being controlled by someone else is the topic of this stress management video.

Watch now to learn how to counter “counterwill.”

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3. Parenting Without Stress Tip

I was a  recent guest on "The Timeless Family" podcast. I highly-recommend you listen to it!

I just received a nice note from one of the show's hosts I'd like to share:

"I wanted to send you a quick message to let you know
that our conversation with you on Tuesday was absolutely fantastic!
You were a pleasure to talk with, and were so knowledgeable.
Both Charles and I learned so much, and we know our audience
will also find the same value in your message.
—Ryan Glick, The Timeless Family

4. Discipline Without Stress Tip


I’ve heard people mention that consequences can be set up with students ahead of time in the Raise Responsibility System (RRS). I find this confusing because I remember reading in Dr. Marshall’s book that he thinks it’s counterproductive to tell students about consequences ahead of time.  Can you explain?

My Response:

The answer to your question highlights an important difference between the Raise Responsibility System and other more traditional approaches to discipline. In the Raise Responsibility System, if consequences are used, they are ELICITED from the student—rather than imposed by the adult. In the RRS, the student would have chosen the consequence and therefore owns it.  People don't feel punished with a choice they have made.

Many current approaches to discipline recommend that a teacher clearly outline to the class, at the beginning of the school year, the consequences that students can expect if they misbehave in certain ways.  Statements such as, “Late homework assignments will result in a lunch detention,” or “Hitting will result in a phone call to parents and 10 minutes of missed recess,” clearly spelling out the consequences for certain behavioral infractions. (Note: The first example above is an instructional challenge, not a classroom management or discipline challenge.)

Most importantly, when a consequence is elicited, the student owns the decision. People do not argue with their own decisions.

5. Live Without Stress Book

"Dr. Marvin Marshall is America's expert on stress reduction
and this book is chocked full of great tips.
There are brilliant insights and amazing solutions about
the major causes of stress in our lives
including finances, parenting, aging and relationships.
He has a unique perspective on multi-tasking
and I'll never look at it the same way again.
Dr. Marvin Marshall has written many great books
and he's done it again with Live Without Stress.
This is the best book about stress that I've ever read.
Bravo and well done!"

—Linda Hollander, The Wealthy Bag Lady

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6. Discipline Online

Discipline Online reduces the "sink or swim" approach to teaching. Education is still the only profession that does NOT teach the most essential skill for success, namely, walking into a classroom for the first time as a new teacher and having a system to handle every behavior or discipline problem. Learn how at an incredibly low investment at Discipline online.

7. Speaking and Presenting

Need a speaker for a corporate, education, or parent event? Check out the Marvin Marshall's speaking site.

8. What People Say

"Teaching without Stress changed the way I have taught in the inner city urban public school system.

Giving control to students to be in charge of their own behavior is so empowering, especially in a world where children want to be in control of themselves.

I cannot recommend your books enough! Every teacher who has ever passed my class and wondered HOW I could possibly get my students to behave appropriately, when some of the same students are rowdy and disruptive in other classes, I say to get the Without Stress books immediately! 

You can start today and change the way you manage your classroom! I only wish my school system would use your books to improve discipline and relieve teacher stress across our district.”
—Andrea L. Heinl, Tallmadge, Ohio

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