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If you missed the webinar today where we unveiled the new updates coming to our keyword research tool Keyword Supremacy, than you absolutely MUST WATCH this replay.

People were gobsmacked for a good reason, these updates are insanely good!

We want you to see for yourself, so we're even giving you free access to the tool with a handful of credits to try it out!


On the webinar, we show you how you can get full access with a pile of credits as only a small part of a way bigger bonus for grabbing the 100k Shoutout package offered by Jay Cruiz & Chris Munch

100kShoutOut/Ampfire & Keyword Supremacy go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They were just made for each other!

But we also had a bunch of people on the webinar who just wanted the Keyword Supremacy software, and even others who already own it but want access to the "Global Database" feature...which is incredibly cool.

And while we are going to offer that to you as one of our existing customers at a very reduced rate, having it included as part of the $10k Bonus for 100K Shoutout is by far the best deal you'll ever get on it.

So go watch the replay now if you want to see what's up.

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PS.  If you already own Keyword Supremacy, all of the updates that you'll see on the replay will be added to your account at no additional cost to you except for the Global Database access.  

That will be offered to you at a later date for a very nice discount!  Or pick it up now as part of our bonus, and never have to pay for it at all!


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