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I sat down one Monday afternoon and I wrote down everything that Flourish* stand for. These are beliefs I have implemented in my own life and I hope they will make a difference in yours as well.

These became Flourish*s manifesto.

A manifesto is a statement of your intentions, ideals, and beliefs for your life. 

A manifesto has three components:

  • A belief... you believe something to be true 
  • A goal... something you wish to accomplish
  • And wisdom... something you know that is true

The Flourish* manifesto will help you to grow into the woman you were created to be. It will help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Print this manifesto out, frame it and place it where you can see it daily.

Pick one of these teachings and practice it in your daily life.

Notice how you start feeling and showing up differently for your life.

Pay attention to the subtle (and bold) shifts happening in your life.

I am grateful that you joined the Flourish* family. 

I will pop into your inbox soon for more inspiration, growth, and love.

Click Here to Download your Manifesto
Much love
Flourish* by Sonika

178 Sandappel Ave, Pretoria
South Africa

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