Announcing a contest for the months of July and August!

I need six faces.

Want to get in on this? Want to be in a limited edition poster drawn by yours truly? Want to steal a kid's tricycle? Just kidding about the last one.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Own a hard copy of one of my Mayfield Eight comic books. If you don't have one, you can buy Issue One HERE or Issue Two HERE. (get a $2 discount on either one by using the promo code word MAYFIELD)
  2. Make a video of you talking up the comic. It can be very short, 10 seconds even!
    Send the video to my Mayfield Eight Facebook page.
  3. Limit one entry per person.

Kickstarter will happen Sept. 24 this year where I will be putting this one, PLUS parts 1 and 2 (already printed up) AND part 4 as well. 4 comics of a 6-part story, so well worth checking out. I will have the link up next week.

Winning videos will get YOUR FACE inserted in one of the six faces in the poster.

Obviously, everyone will want to be a BIG FACE in front. SO...

As they come in I will rank the best one first, next best one second, and so on until I have all the faces filled in!

Go to the Mayfield Eight Facebook Page to read the latest update!

Winners may have to provide several images of their faces for me to get a correct resemblance.

What is this image of anyway?

It shows hard-ass State Trooper Gene Sturgeon defending himself against a horde of Banshee Bikers who've had enough of his brutal ways. Yes, there's a loaded shot gun in his hands. But there's six of them, and Officer Sturgeon is all alone!


Everyone who participates in this contest will get a signed limited edition of this poster (upon successfully funding the Sept. 24 Kickstarter) sent to them, with a 'quickie' likeness of them drawn at the top. So, even if you didn't make the main page you'll at least be there as a one of a kind hand-drawn likeness by Tim Larsen!

Final decision on the faces will be made Midnight August 31! Good Luck!

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