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“Don't feel guilty for doing what is best for you.”    

Hi , how's the first week of 2019 treating you? Or should I say, how are you treating yourself?

We juggle so many things, work, career, family, partners, money, friends, desires etc etc that all too often, we forget that we need to put ourselves first. Without this prioritisation, we won't be able to do all the things we want to do let alone all the things we have to do.

Self-care 101 - Start with you and the rest of your juggling act will be a hell of a lot easier. Put yourself first, learn to do it everyday and you'll soon see the benefits. And don't feel guilty! We are often taught to feel guilty by a childhood template through our own family influences and even the media but self-care is essential, it's not selfish (in a bad way) and it's imperative for you to survive!

I'm giving you my 12 steps below. Have a look at each one and try to answer the question fully. If anything's off balance, that's the one to work on and then you can begin your journey to better self-care.

  1. Food - Am I eating mindfully to fuel my body?
  2. Physical - Is there enough movement in my day for optimal health?
  3. Detox - How often do I give my mind or body a break?
  4. Stress - Am I aware of the stressors in my life and am I managing stress well?
  5. Relationships - Am I happy with my relationships? Do I give enough or too much?
  6. Emotions - Am I aware of all my emotions and their triggers?
  7. Integrity - Do I know my values and do I lead from them in my daily actions?
  8. Energy - Do I have enough energy to live my life?
  9. Spirit - Do I have spirituality? Am I grateful daily?
  10. Your space - Is my space reflecting my moods? 
  11. Your community - How often do I give back?
  12. Your environment - Do I surround myself in places that bring me joy?

Hope that was interesting , you might also like my Self-care 101 Workshop on Saturday 2nd February. Have a look at the details here. There are only 10 places available, so give me a call to find out more on 07842 656 766.

Lots of love

Puja x


New date for March to be added next week!

A perfect way to get ready for a really good Life Spring clean!

Find out more about the programme below.

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