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Greetings, y'all!

I don't know how long has passed since I last sent you an email!

However long it was - it's too long, right?

Much has been changing... but first, perhaps I should reintroduce myself?

Hi! I'm C. L. and I'm the author of the Louisiangel series!


Well, that's a good question!

First of all, and I think I put it in the last newsletter several centuries ago, but my kitten got run over.

Before you question why I lead with this, let me explain. Last year, last summer, I was supposed to release the final book in the Louisiangel series: Angel Exalted. I was booked in with my wonderful cover designer and I was super excited to see her next work of art.

Sadly, the vet bill meant all the money for the cover (and much more besides) went to The Most Expensive Kitten ever, transforming him into a cyborg. Right now, the little idiot is curled up over my legs and you would never know there had ever been anything wrong with him.

OK, when he's running around, you can tell. The boy had no grace and the slower he goes, the more you can see his limp.

But he's alive!

By the time I got to the point when I could afford the cover again, my cover designer was booked up. Right now, I'm just waiting for my slot (autumn - she's an incredibly talented woman, so she's incredibly busy!). As soon as I have that, I will be releasing Angel Exalted!

This is Kyun. I've also discovered he's a cat burglar: I found him dragging cat toys through the cat flap - I hadn't bought them. Which means he had snuck into someone's house and stolen them... Yes, them... He stole two!


Believe it or not, I have some!


I have been writing in my absence! I am part way through the first book in the new series, which will follow Gabriel!

Hellborne is the first book in the Hellfire series. I will not be releasing this until the Louisiangel series is completed. Nor will I be releasing it until I have all five covers! 


I have also been working with a co-author!

Our collaborative debut series will not take place in either of our respective story universes, but will be completely new content with no overlap.

It makes more sense for her - she's a contemporary romance author!


Don't be - she's bringing more romance to our books, and I'm bringing the paranormal. Together, we will be writing a Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem, and it will definitely be falling in the New Adult side of the spectrum.

I'm not allowed to reveal any more at this time - but all will be revealed in the April Newsletter, so keep your eyes out!


By now, you've probably noticed the new newsletter. I'm back and I am set on keeping y'all updated. I won't disappear into the ether again.

First up was a newsletter overhaul. Aside from a new look, I'm keen to keep them regular. Once a month - probably the third weekend.

Actually, I've been working on updating all of my social media.

The website had been completely revamped, and believe it or not, I will be posting more on Facebook - but it will be in the House of Michael group. Content on the page will relate to books, content in the group will be conversation.

I will be attempting to Tweet more, but I passionately hate that platform, so don't get too excited.

Basically, I've realised I am a bad author and I need to find that balance between writing and communicating.


Please excuse the cover - I made it myself. BUT I wanted to give you something as a sorry and a thank you for making you wait.

I will be releasing several short stories, and this one is only available if you subscribe to this newsletter. Seeing as you already are, help yourselves!

The Louisiangel Chronicles, Part 1

In The Beginning: Michael

Ever wondered how Michael first saw Angel? Or how his House came to be relocated to New Orleans?

Read now, and find out!


If you're not in the Facebook group, consider joining - I will be putting up a poll for you to tell me what over POVs or unseen scenes you want to see!

C. L. Coffey

PO Box 20331, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro
United Kingdom

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