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What kind of a person are you? Centrepiece or Edges?

Hey ,

I'm a Centrepiece kinda person and my partner Chaman is an Edge person, and thank God for that! Imagine if he would have made a pass for my centerpiece, it would have been the shortest love story ever!

Welcome to Dohful's The Sunday Letter where we talk to you about food and kitchen for Millennials once a week every Sunday!

And If you are thinking WTF am I talking about, it's Brownies of course!

Okay think about it, Brownies are one of a kind batch desserts in which all pieces are not created equal. The edges of the brownie are crunchy and a little dry in texture and when you go towards the center it's way more gooey and dense there. And when it is cut into 9 pieces, the world gets divided too!

But whats the big deal about it?

Well, the big deal is that there's just one centerpiece, and if you are as serious a fudge lover as I am, you can't let someone else have it!

Plus, I don't know there is something special about brownies because they also have this shiny, crackly, almost wafer-thin layer on the top. That hint of a crackle just before you bite into all that gooeyness, is literally what I live for.

And that's exactly what I was going for while making the Choco Brownie Cookie. Little to no crispy edges, fudgy & gooey center and that crackly top. 

But, (and I'm only going to admit it once) this kinda cookie was first made by mistake before I taught myself how to make it like that every single time! 

We were in the midst of our recipe trials and day after day we used to bake numerous batches of Choco Chunk Cookies in the hope of finding THE taste & texture that we had been looking for. 

The same taste & texture of the cookies we had in Europe, but couldn't find anywhere once we were back home.

Anywho, while baking cookies on one fine day, I (Arushi) decided to twist things up a bit and try to bake some other variant of cookies for a change. I don't remember whether the decision was taken out of sheer boredom, or I thought I had something new to try, but there I was - making a triple chocolate cookie which had cocoa powder, melted chocolate, and chocolate chunks all in the same dough.

Sounds amazing?

Well, the result was a disaster. Again, my memory falters me with the details but I must have done something horribly wrong and the cookies ended up spreading way more than they should've. And all that chocolate started burning from the edges so I had to take them out of the oven before they were done baking fully.

What happened next gave birth to what is today popularly known as Choco Brownie Cookies!

In an attempt to save the little remaining of those cookies, I trimmed off the burnt edges from the hot cookies and placed the center parts on a different tray planning to bake them again a bit once they were a bit cooled.

If you've had the Choco Brownie Cookie, you know that it has virtually no crispy edges. And that's because the first time we fell in love with this cookie, the edges had been chopped off! 

As luck would have it, I forgot to rebake that batch, and Chaman ended up eating one of them. His mind was instantly blown away! The cookie had cooled down to a  fudgy and soft and melting in the mouth state and it was more like a thin slice of a brownie than a cookie.

So Chaman came to me, super excited, and started asking how I had cracked this out of the world brownie-like cookie. And I'm thinking, this was an accident, I really don't know how to do it again!

Of course, the accidental cookie was no way something we could even hold in our hand for a long time, it was so soft, let alone shipping it across the country.

So began the journey of figuring out this new kind of cookie which was a part cookie, part brownie which had virtually no crispy edges (remember the centerpiece of Brownie that I like?) and all the 52 g of it is pure, simple, heavenly brownie-like sinfulness

It took everything I knew about Baking to get this one right, and boy I'm so glad I did. Because it's not just our favorite cookie, it's our bestseller cookie! 

And when I see the reviews today, it just reminds me of that fateful day it all began. They say almost all delicious food items are the result of a mistake, do you agree?

P.S. : We are looking for someone to join our core team, if you know someone who's entrepreneurial, loves cookiescoffee and talk about food all day long, please refer them to us! 

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