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November 2020

Our Security Consulting

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the popularity of blockchain systems grow as many new networks launch and projects mature in the space. We appreciate that more of these teams are recognizing the importance of getting an external review as a key component to their security plan. At Least Authority, we recognize that distributed system designs can fundamentally change how people interact with technology, and that security is critical to ensuring these systems function as intended.

Recently, we’ve seen an increased interest for security audits in areas from DeFi to zk-SNARKs. While these areas are growing, we also remain committed to reviewing other types of applied and advanced cryptography projects to cultivate the field of security in distributed systems. 

We welcome all of your security consulting inquiries, regardless of what area your project focuses on. We invite you to schedule a call with us so we can learn about your specific project.

Recent Security Audits


A security audit of ethdo for the Ethereum Foundation

Beacon SDK

A security audit of the Beacon SDK for the Tezos Foundation

Metastate AG’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pool

A security audit of the Metastate AG’s Multi-Asset Shielded Pool for the Tezos Foundation

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We’re hiring

Least Authority is growing so we’ve added a Careers Page to our website.

Currently we are seeking engineers, researchers and cryptographers to join our security consulting team. Help us spread the word and check back for new hiring opportunities.

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Logo for Zero Knowledge Summit zk6
Event Sponsorship

We are happy to be a sponsor of the Zero Knowledge Summit — zk6, which is underway this week. As awareness about and implementations of zero-knowledge protocols increase, zkSummit continues to be a key hub for exchanging ideas and advancements among zero-knowledge professionals and advocates. 

Check out how Least Authority is using zero-knowledge technology to advance privacy solutions.

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