Guyana History: Royal Visit: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana- February1966 - VIDEO

Featured earlier in the Guyanese Online entry of February 7, 2012  LINK1:03

The Royal Visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip to British Guiana in February 1966, a few month before Independence on 26 May 1966

A short film by British Pathe of the Royal Visit to British Guiana in February 1966: 


A royal visit to welcome Guyana’s independence  

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USA: Five Factors That Helped US Democracy Resist Trump’s Election Onslaught – Tom McCarthy | The Guardian UK

Trump’s trashing of norms has been harmful but decentralization, turnout, transparency, the courts and the media played a key role 

Tom McCarthy | The Guardian UK

It is not clear yet whether US democracy “survived” the 2020 presidential election unscathed.

IF DONALD TRUMP’S PLAYBOOK OF SEEKING TO UNDERMINE A LEGITIMATE ELECTION BECOMES STANDARD REPUBLICAN PRACTICE FOR FUTURE ELECTIONS – refuse to concede, make false claims of fraud, fan the flames of conspiracy, sue everywhere and refuse to certify any win by the other side – THEN AMERICAN DEMOCRACY MIGHT ALREADY HAVE SUSTAINED A FATAL WOUND.       

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OIL: OPEC+ production cuts have done little to boost oil prices – The Economist

The pandemic and the flexibility of America’s shale industry are keeping crude prices low

Graphic detail – Nov 30th 2020 – The Economist

This week energy ministers from the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), led by Saudi Arabia, and its allies, of which the most important is Russia, are meeting to discuss the future of the oil market. But a recent paper by researchers at the European Central Bank calls into question how much influence this group, known as OPEC+, can have on the matter that most concerns it: the oil price.     

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GUYANA: Oil monitoring (we cannot compete); domestic violence (we cannot condone) – GHK Lall Column

  Nov 29, 2020  NewsThe GHK Lall Column 

>>>Encouraging Events, Disturbing Developments<<<

Kaieteur News – Vincent Adams, former Head of the EPA, highlighted the need for training and compensating our people for monitoring and effective compliance with our laws and regulations. I am encouraged that Dr. Adams pinpointed this policing of our ballooning oil industry, which has relevance in other resource areas. To be ahead of the multi-nationals, we must be better than them.    

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