"Let's have a quick call tomorrow, I have some thoughts I want to share."

Looks like a completely normal request from a client, doesn't it? And yet, it's enough to get me spiraling.

"Sure, let's connect in the morning," I replied, trying to keep it all cool. But behind the facade questions were bubbling up. What was she unhappy with? Could I do anything before the call? Is there something I missed?

I know it sounds silly. I also know I had a dream where we were fighting over the details of the current project.

Impostor syndrome knows no bounds. It's that tiny voice in your head that says you're not good enough. You're not doing well enough. And you'll be found out for the fraud that you are. Any minute now...

Whenever that tiny voice comes up do your best to ignore it. When that fails do your best to recognize what's going on.

You're not a fake. You're just a regular person in a world where perfection seems like a goal everyone else has already figured out. After all, you see the unabridged version of yourself and compare it with the edited version of your most successful colleagues.

Note what's happening, smile, look in the mirror, and say "No, not a fake."

And that client meeting? She wanted to tell me she was really happy with our work together and we bounced off a few ideas for bringing more value to customers. It was great. It also made me feel a bit silly. But it will definitely let me sleep better tonight.

Be proud of yourself,

From the blog

10 Lessons From My First 20 Months of Freelancing
Back in May 2019 I went into the Registry Agency and filed the documents for my incorporation. 20 months, 161 invoices, and one global pandemic later, I get the question "How did you start and what's your advice?" more and more often. I took the things I'd almost always mention in such conversations and created this list – hope my perspective will help you define if freelancing is right for you.

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I was sort of on the fence about recommending this piece mainly because it reads like an ad piece for a specific social media analytics tool. But the advice there is just so good and actionable! And even if you don't use the same tool, you can replicate most steps by just looking into the platform's native analytics data. Yes, it'll take you more time but it's doable.

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Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This great ad from KitKat — no logo, not even a full slogan. Yet you know exactly what's going on. It's the power of brand voice done right.
  • This fun Twitter account — it's an example of what is wrong with usability and "customer-centric design" that happens without the customer. My favorite? "As a website visitor, I want to see key content in an auto-advancing carousel, so that even though ~80% of the content is off-screen, it is thankfully above the fold."
  • This giveaway for AdWorld 2021 conference tickets — if you still haven't taken part in my newsletter subscriber giveaway, the new weekly prize might attract your attention. It's a great event jam-packed with value – and there's a ticket waiting for you. Since you're already a subscriber, leave the same email to register your interest and invite friends for additional entries. Good luck!

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