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Why is the world obsessed with Chocolate Chip Cookies?

But first, let’s take a short memory trip, shall we?

It was the year 2018 and we were busy baking batches after batches of chocolate chip cookies from our home kitchen, trying to emulate the delicious cookies we had in Europe. 

We were definitely thinking about making it a venture, that is if we ever found the perfect recipe, but there were still way too many apprehensions. We had only our passion to speak for this entire craziness and we didn’t know if there would be any real market for it. 

Enters my brother, who lives in America, along with a dozen packets of Pepperidge Farm cookies. Apparently, a friend of his who had recently shifted back to India for good had asked him to bring them. 

That day I realized for the first time that even in India, people could be crazy about cookies

A simple search for ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe’ would give you 14.7 million results on Google! And there are all kinds of recipes - with chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, browned butter, with sea-salt, with Bourbon and the list goes on.

And all of this only for Chocolate Chip Cookies!

A small bakery in New York City called Levain is a mecca for those visiting NYC. It always features in top places to eat in NYC. Started from the Upper West Side, Manhattan, soon it became so famous that its cookies have been recreated by every food blogger/Youtuber from the United Kingdom to South Korea.

Levain Cookies are distinct in the way of how big and chunky they are and of course, the Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie is the most popular one there also!. 

Another very famous cookie phenomenon is Sweet Martha's Cookie Buckets. A regular happening at the Minnesota State Fair, Sweet Martha’s Cookies are served by the buckets - each containing about 50 cookies!

They make about 3 Million cookies a day for 12 days straight! Talk about obsession! 

All of this makes you wonder, what is it about a Chocolate Chip Cookie which makes it one of the 4 most popular foods eaten worldwide?

If you ask me, a chocolate chip cookie is the holy grail of baking. It's one of the classiest, most delicious desserts ever. 

Having a crisp, crunchy, buttery exterior, this cookie is filled with molten chocolate chips (or chocolate chunks in our case) which makes it very gooey and soft to bite into. 

A chocolate chip cookie is a frenzy of flavors and textures which no one can say no to! It's sweet but not too sweet, making it perfect for a dessert as well as a snack.

Incidentally, this is also the cookie which started it all for us. And we believe you can't have a cookie discussion without talking about the classic chocolate chip cookie


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